The Cover Up

The Cover Up


The Cover Up is your new favorite band. Combining refreshing well thought out crafty rock n' roll songwriting with Southern Metal, Hardore, 80's metal, Punk and Pop, The Cover Up has a unique sound that can be appreciated by a wide spectrum of listeners.


In their 3 years of existence, they've got 2 Ep's behind them and have just completed their first full length cd with Producer Cory Spotts (Greeley Estates, Job For a Cowboy, Lyida). "We've finally found our love and what we are supposed to sound like". Having shared the stage with Fall Out Boy, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Scary Kids, My American Heart, A Change of Pace, Spitalfield, Portugal.The Man, Greeley Estates, Yesterday's Rising and countless others, The Cover Up has the experience to hang with the best. "It took us being a band for a couple of years, touring, talking to major labels, managers, personal strife and experiencing everything inbetween to come into our own" says singer/songwriter Joe Cotela. After being told to try to tone down their music and sound more like U2 and Linkin Park too many times, the boys in The Cover Up decided to do just the opposite. "We got our first real taste of the music industry and it helped us get back to good. We got caught up in trying to make music for the wrong reasons at some point and things got jaded. When writing these new songs for the new record, we threw all of the rules out of the window and wrote the most badass music possible for us." The result is a groundbreaking new full length cd "Monster Eats the Pilot" that twists and turns through intelligently well crafted rock songs, Brutal hardcore breakdowns, Energetic southern rock riffs, Inffectiously catchy choruses, and diary honest lyrics.


Monster Eats The Pilot- Unreleased
Preservation Through Destruction- April 2006

Set List

Pieces De Amor
Arms of A Plane Crash
Prom Night At The Hilton
Make Us Into Perfect
Dick Dawson
The Fire

Typical set runs from 30-40 minutes.