The Crane and The Crow

The Crane and The Crow


Onstage or on the street, The Crane and The Crow blends folk, pop, bluegrass, hip hop, and jazz to tell timeless stories through sound. With a combination of real and toy instruments, unique vocal harmonies, and danceable grooves, their music is fun for all ages.


If Edward Sharpe, Fleet Foxes, The Roots, and Hildegard von Bingen had a jam session, it might sound something like The Crane and The Crow. The band formed on Halloween in 2010 and got its start playing rock and hip hop versions of medieval Christmas carols on streets around the Bay Area. Now boasting a roster of original songs and inventive covers, TCTC has captured audiences with their quirky and soulful music dusted with a light coat of circus theatrics.

The Crane and The Crow has performed at venues including the Starry Plough, Actual Café, Art Murmur, Bites Off Broadway, Caffe Trieste, RiskPress Gallery, Berkeley Farmers Market, and was the featured house band for TENT (Temescal Entertainer’s Neighborhood Theatrics).