The CrawPuppies

The CrawPuppies


This hardworking Northwest Indiana band’s new CD Peaceful Amnesty has transformed this popular “cover” band to highly respected original band. In addition to songs from their CD, they have grab bag of over 200 covers ranging from the Beatles, Led Zeppelin to Radiohead and the Cure.




Slave to the Puppeteer

Written By: Chad Clifford

All of my actions speak louder than words
Paint on my face, my true voice never heard
I’m a slave to the puppeteer

He is my master, he is my God
He gives me life right out of the box
His smallest reflex means the world to me
I’m a slave to the puppeteer

Life comes with strings attached
Without strings I can’t react
When too much will kill you
Not enough and you’re as good as dead

Nothing to do hanging around
String from my head to this cross that I’m bound
It’s the life that you hoped for but with no control
Like a slave to the puppeteer

Outta My Head

Written By: Chad Clifford

Woke up this morning looking sorry for myself
Carousel keeps turning and I just can’t get off
Went to a doctor maybe a pill could cure my health
Yeah my world keeps spinning and I just can’t get off
What if I called you up and told you I was sorry felt so lonely
And tomorrow looks much worse off than today … than today

I’m outta my head, feeling so lonely, losing my God forsaken mind
And I feel like I have wasted all my time

I try to remember where the whole thing all went wrong
The machine keeps churning and I just can’t get off
I Feel like I swam in anesthesia for so long
My spirits numb and I just can’t get off
What if I told you you were right and I should never second-guess you
And or question anything you ever say … you ever say

And the moral of it all is you’ve got to catch me when I fall

Ode to the Eggman (Heartbent Abused)

Written By: Chad Clifford

Love is like a razor blade that cuts you up inside
Love is like a hand grenade you pull the pin and hide
Heartbent abused, I’ve lived a lie
My souls tired and I don’t want to try

And when you’re down and out
Cos nothing lasts forever
You came along with a smile; you came along for a while

Time is like an old cliché you’ve heard this all before
Time is like a good roommate you go until you’re sore
Heartbent abused, I’ve lived a lie
My souls tired and I don’t want to try
And when I’m down and out
And when I’m down and out
I can’t stop thinking of the things you do every step away
Brings me back to you
You came along with a smile; you came along …


CD Release September 2004
Peaceful Amnesty

Set List

In addition to performing songs from the critically acclaimed CD Peaceful Amnesty the CrawPuppies have a grab bag of over 200 cover songs.

Depending on the event the band can do a 60 Minute featuring their original music or a whole evening of originals and covers.

Only One
Used to Be
Outta My Head
Slave to the Puppeteer
Ode to the Eggman
Never Asked For More
Out of My Control
Peaceful Amnesty
Cold Rainy Days

Some Covers
Hard Day's Night
I Saw Her Standing There
Love Away Lucy In the Sky with Diamonds
Twist & Shout
Come Together
In My Life
Ticket To Ride

Love Me Two Times
Back Door Man
Five to One
Roadhouse Blues
LA Woman
Break On Through
Love her Madly

Rolling Stones
Under My Thumb
19th Nervous Breakdown
Can't Always Get What You Want
Dead Flowers
Wild Horses
Honky Tonk Woman
It's All Over Now
Get Off of My Cloud
Brown Sugar
Sympathy For The Devil
Miss You
Let It