The Creator

The Creator

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Im looking to create a new flavor of music and set a new standard of versitility.


Im a solo artist with the soul ambition of creating a different era of music. Since 2002 I have worked my way from lunchroom freestyling to beat making and recording. During my plunge into the hiphop world, I have had several influences which includes:Eminem, Jada Kiss, Cassidy, Papoose...ect.
Eminem was a favorite because of his vonacular and his contineuous versatility. I have always admierd the wise flow of Jada Kiss. Because of my ever growing passion for freestyle battling, Cassidy has always been a motivational factor. Papoose is the realist the world needs for stability. All of the rappers in my top pic add a certain charecter to my style of rap. Because of my school boy backround I could never speak of banging or popping gats, but because I've been in the streets I can "walk it like I talk it". My music is for the hustlers, the strugglers, the guetto, the ladies, and for the future generation.


I am currently working on a self titled album called " The Creator" I have yet to set the order of my track play which makes it hard to pick a single, so I am working hard.