The Creekwater Junkies

The Creekwater Junkies


Beer swillin', tobacco spittin' ass kickin' rock n' roll. We're pretty much the soundtrack to a hangover that comes at you hammer down, full throttle and we don't let up til the tank is empty. The kicker of course being that the tank is never empty.


In an age where radio airwaves are dominated by tales of lost girlfriends, broken hearts and tear-soaked pillows, one sometimes wonders when rock n’ roll became so boring. The Creekwater Junkies are quite the opposite of this modern trend: they bring a concoction of testosterone, alcohol and gasoline fueled hard rock to every town they hit, and they leave no room for slowing down.

Founding members Chris Reitsma (vocals, guitar) and Mitch Cuming (lead guitar) brought The Creekwater Junkies to life on Canada Day of 2007, and after a couple months of writing, long time friends Bryson Emmons (drums) and Matt Collacott (bass) completed the lineup. With their sound born in a bottle of whiskey, the Junkies quickly found themselves at home at parties, bars and alcohol serving venues across Ontario, spreading further and further with every passing month.

In their short period as a band, they’ve grown comfortable with life on the road and have played many notable venues including The Sound Academy, The Horseshoe Tavern, The Opera House, The Red Rooster, The Mansion House, The Rainbow...etc. During this time they’ve found themselves right at home playing to crowds of thousands; performing at numerous festivals and charity events. They were also selected as direct support for new Canadian super group Crash Karma for a performance in Burlington, ON.

The band recorded their first 5 song EP “Off the Beaten Path” with Adam Newcomb (Kathleen Turner Overdrive, Gentlemen Husbands) in the summer of 2008, with Jesse Colburn (of Closet Monster and Avril Lavigne) controlling the mixing and mastering phases. It was released right before Christmas of 2008, and has since sold hundreds of copies. The single “Cycle Meet at the Creek” was also played on Oshawa’s The Rock 94.9fm, receiving much praise in the process. Two more tracks were later recorded (again with Adam Newcomb) and all tracks are available for listening on their myspace page.

With tonnes of unrecorded new material, an explosive EP and a rapidly growing fan-base, The Creekwater Junkies have but one goal for the future: to flood the world with their potent brand of rock n’ roll.



-made it to final round of auditions for Much Music's disBand Season 2, beating out thousands of other bands to get there

-single “Cycle Meet at the Creek” played on The Rock 94.9fm

-received radio play on multiple college and internet radio stations

-shared the stage with Canadian super group Crash Karma (consists of Edwin of “I Mother Earth”, Jeff Burrows of “The Tea Party”, Mike Turner of “Our Lady Peace” and Amir Epstein of “Zygote”)

-shared the stage with The Johnstones, Dean Lickyer, Punishment (with Kevin Gale of Slik Toxic), Kathleen Turner Overdrive and many, many more.

-had the pleasure of playing many notable venues such as The Opera House, The Horseshoe Tavern, The Red Rooster, Lee’s Palace, The Rainbow, The Mansion House and many more.

-have received numerous gracious reviews and comments from fans and industry professionals alike


Cycle Meet at the Creek

Written By: Mitch Cuming and Chris Reitsma

Throw on your colours, hit the open road
Headin to the cycle meet
Pedal to the metal, balls to the wall
We'll see y'all at the creek
Rip roarin' drunk, we know how its done
Seven days of raisin' hell
If you live to ride, don't waste no time
And let me hear that rebel yell

Ain't one second without all speakers
Blastin' out rock n' roll
This is no bullshit, this is how we live
And it's never getting old
Beer for breakfast, whiskey for lunch
Can't remember supper time
Where the grass is green and you'll know what I mean
When you meet these friends of mine

Woah, let the engines roar
See what we've got in store
At the cycle meet down at the creek
Oh, we'll be riding on the wind
See the greatest time there's ever been
At the cycle meet down at the creek

When the days are done, and there ain't no sun
The party's only heating up
Grab another flask, or fill your glass
There's always something in your cup
If you like things rough, and you think your tough
You just remember this my friend
We like to fight and I know I'm right
When I say that you won't win

Woah, let the engines roar
See what we've got in store
At the cycle meet down at the creek
Oh, we'll be riding on the wind
See the greatest time there's ever been
At the cycle meet down at the creek

Trouble a Brewin'

Written By: Mitch Cuming and Chris Reitsma

Now these boys felt they could make plenty an easy dollar
Brewing that homemade brand they were so fond of
They’d be out there all night making that special blend
They worked at night so not to be found
Now one of these nights these boys were out there doing what they do best
When ol’ Sheriff Thomas came by, stumbling from a hard night at the waterin hole
“You boys ain’t making that shine here are ya boys?”
Now the boys didn’t wanna go downtown
But ol’ Tom didn’t like the workings happening right under his nose
So a skuffle broke out and ol Thomas, met the wrong the side of a shovel

Trouble a brewin’, late one night
Ol Sheriff Thomas wouldn’t see the mornings light
Found himself at the wrong place, wrong time
Trouble a brewin’ in that moonshine

Ol’ Sheriff Thomas is now dead, and there’s trouble a brewin ahead
The whole damn town’s gonna be looking around not knowing where to be lead
Those boys went a running when the town came a gunning to get them some revenge
The end of a noose tied tight not loose was hanging there for them
Well late that night under pale moonlight the act of murder again
That god damn shine got ‘em caught this time those real unfortunate men
Those boys should have learned before they burned, they both got the chair
Shouldn’t waste no time making ol’ moonshine cause there’s trouble a brewin’ out there

Snakebite Fever

Written By: Mitch Cuming, Chris Reitsma, Matt Collacott, Bryson Emmons

Way down south another regular night
A sweet little thing came and caught my eye
Made her way through the crowd and up to the bar
And she slithered on up to me

She bites so hard it stings
Sweet pain, she left me wanting for more
It burns, the venom she brings
I guess that’s why they call it snakebite fever

Woke up in the morning and she was gone
Lit me up a cigarette and wrote this song
The poison she injected left me weak in the knees
But I’d do it all over again

Let's Make Like Nails (And Get Hammered)

Written By: Mitch Cuming

Verse 1:

Working everyday just breaking my back
Getting sick and tired of hearing that whip crack
When its all said and done tell you what I'm gonna do
Break out the bottles and let hell break loose

Verse 2:
Get out the whiskey and pour another shot
Gimme a glass of that whiskey on the rocks
Find a little honey and take her home tonight
And we'll be rocking til the mornings light

Let's sink another drink
Raise your glasses to the air
May not be so great tomorrow
But tonight I don't care

Let's Make Like Nails (AND GET HAMMERED) x4

Ridin' the Gator

Written By: Mitch Cuming

Verse 1:
When you're drowning in a bottle
And you wake up in the sand
A hammer pounding in your head
As you wonder where the hell you've been

Your mouth it tastes like an ashtray
And on your breath you smell your brine
Can barely move, thats why I'm telling you
Last night was a helluva time

Ridin', ridin', ridin' the gator
Ride oh ride, you been ridin' the gator

When the liquid keeps on flowing
And the bottles are piling up
Keep on holding on and let the gator fill your cup

Death roll won't take its toll
And you know you still got some fight left
Another round, to take you down
You've been riding on the gator again


Crocodile smile it'll have you beguiled
And you never have felt greater
Night and day just fade away
When you're riding on the gator

Legend of the Phantom Rider

Written By: Mitch Cuming, Chris Reitsma

And the legend goes of the phantom rider
Some say he's a ghost, not of heaven and not of hell
But we know, he's but a forsaken soul

Under midnight's cloak, he rides
Searching for his gold, he's been denied
He is the phantom rider, look out for the phantom rider

Wanted by the law, he and his crew are renegades
Cutthroats with no hearts, thats why he was betrayed

Searching for revenge
He came back from beyond the grave
They shot him dead, they took his gold
They stole his life, but not his soul
And to this day, he rides...forever rides

After he claimed their lives, his gold was nowhere to be found
Until he finds it he will ride, and to this world he is bound



EP ~~"Off the Beaten Path"
Single ~~ Cycle Meet at the Creek (played on 94.9 The Rock)

Set List

Typical set (depending on gig) is between 30 and 120 minutes.

Devil on My Shoulder
Pick Your Poison
Land O’ Mine
Let’s Make Like Nails (And Get Hammered)
Ridin’ the Gator
Home Again
Midnight Cowgirl
Trouble a Brewin’
Cycle Meet at the Creek
Legend of the Phantom Rider
Lucky Man
Snakebite Fever
My Baby’s Gone South
Fill My Glass
Love On The Rocks
The Watering Hole
Dead Man's Hand
Moon Mountain Magic Man
Locked n' Loaded


We do have a giant repertoire of cover material as well if needed.