The Creeper and his Pals

The Creeper and his Pals


Kiss and Misfits inspired Horror Rock, ranging from punk, to rock to metal. Lots of make-up and fake blood, and a go-go dancer to boot!


The Creeper’s solo career began in the Fall of 2003, after the breakup of his band BootyTank. Having been a member of so many bands over the years, he finally decided to start something that was his. Recording an 11 song demo by himself, he began to recruit members for what was to be his solo project, entitled Creepshow 1977. For 5 years, Creepshow 1977 gigged heavily, opening for such national acts as The Misfits, Wednesday 13, Blitzkid, Gorgeous Frankenstein, Dr. CHUD’S X Ward, Michale Graves, Anti-Product, Creature Feature and Gotham Road… Not to mention countless headlining local shows! In 2006, they recorded their debut album Night of the Creep. Blending Horror themes with punk, rock and metal, Creepshow 1977 built a small but loyal following among horror fans (both locally and nationwide). They followed up their debut album with Tales from the Casket, an E.P. of unreleased material and covers in the summer of 2008. What made this unique was The Creeper’s approach to releasing the album. The entire E.P. was uploaded to the band’s myspace, and made absolutely free to anyone who wanted it. Shortly afterwards, the band went on hiatus. It then became crystal clear to The Creeper that what he had lacked from the beginning was total creative control. Taking Katrina Van Tassel (Creepshow 1977 go-go dancer, and long-time girlfriend) with him, he set about assembling a new band to record a new album. Recruiting E.C. Gaines (The Punk Rods) on guitar and Deadwood Ed (The Tombstone Thr3e) on bass, he approached engineer and local musician John Lindahl to help record his first TRUE solo album. Lindahl, who had recorded Tales from the Casket, agreed to not only play drums, but also to record, engineer, mix, master AND co-produce the album along with Creep and long-time friend Dr. L.K. Gonzo. Life in the Morgue just got COOLER is the end result, 79 minutes of blood-splattered rock & roll, sure to please even the most discriminating fiend.


1. Night of the Creep (2006)
2. Tales from the Casket (2008)
3. Life in the Morgue just got COOLER! (2009)

We get regular airplay on's "Happy Hour" with Dirty Dave and Tommy Gun

Set List

Don't Blame Me
The 'Burbs
Mistress of the Dark
Children of the Damned
Camp Blood
I Will Kill
Hooray for the Atom Age
Land of the Dead
Drop Dead Gorgeous
Body Bags
Coffin Girl
The Ghouls Next Door
In The Graveyard
She's Haunting Me

We can fill an hour time slot, or cut it down to 40 minutes. If we do covers (which is rare), it's usually something fitting, like Misfits, Cramps or even KISS's Detroit Rock City