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Dundee, Scotland, United Kingdom

Dundee, Scotland, United Kingdom
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"The Creeping Ivies Stay Wild"

Some may regard Christmas as the highlight of December, personally I’m not a fan. The music addict in me always looks forward to the end of year releases that creep up on you, unexpected but much-needed. It happens every year, and it is the perfect end to the year. You’ve just got to seek it out.

My love for The Creeping Ivies is out of my hands, and deeply rooted in my head. It is ever-growing and cements my love for Scottish bands more than I even knew. Scottish bands just offer you something entirely more powerful and passionate than most.

With their previous EP releases, The Creeping Ivies have always left me wanting more and more. Frequently hitting repeat and knowing the words by heart after the third listen. You take the passion they play with and it fuels your love for them. Stay Wild is evidently going to be this year’s hidden treasure. With so much manufactured tripe around, bands like The Creeping Ivies offer you hope that out there are bands making music with such heart, and more importantly; making their own unique sound.

Stay Wild makes you want to dance as if you have no control over your limbs. It makes you want to lose your mind and no longer care for your current surroundings. Nothing matters as Duncan and Becca take you on an insane and dark journey. This journey will freak you out and it will make you feel as if your soul has been cleansed. The aftermath will of course leave you wanting more; that repeat button is going to get abused. Trust me. The title track is the kind of song you’d imagine to hear at the end of the night with everyone chanting back. Covered in sweat, various spirits being spilled over their leather jackets and their boots. It’s a pure record that deserves to be heard.

You are going to hear comparisons such as “They are just like The Cramps” and such. Becca’s voice is obviously going to be compared to the likes of Siouxsie, but she has the power of Patti Smith in her vocals. I’m not a fan of comparing bands to others, but on this fantastic debut record, Becca’s vocals truly have the strength of Patti Smith. Duncan is Duncan Destruction for a reason. He absolutely slays and beats the shit out of the drums. As much as I adore their EPs, this debut full length record is nothing short of perfection. The sound much more powerful and a hell of a lot more eerie. They have the power to freak you the fuck out and make you want to dance all at once.

Listening to this wonderful record, you can truly picture it being played in dark, basement bars with people looking a bit like zombies, shaking their limbs and staring deep into the underworld. Possibly coming for your soul. The Creeping Ivies are one of the very few bands that manage to stay true to the essence of Garage Rock, yet merge something wonderfully strange with it. Everything about Stay Wild is just a delight to listen to. The production is amazing.

Bands such as The Creeping Ivies fully justify my love for duos. Duos make more noise and work harder for your affections. The Creeping Ivies are rowdy and bold. The Creeping Ivies take you on a whirlwind trip that you don’t ever want to come back from. The songs are played in a frenzy sending you off into another world. Utterly divine. I think my world was far too boring without these guys. The Creeping Ivies make you want to lurk about in places such as desolate buildings or cemeteries. Finding sacred things, seeing things no one else would ever believe Part mind-altering, part mind-blowing.

Stay Wild is out 1oth December on US label, Dead Beat Records.
- Gypsy Death and You

"The Creeping Ivies - Ghost Train"

The Creeping Ivies

Ghost Train EP

Jet Black Records CD/ free download

The Scottish garage rock duo are back with a follow up to their debut EP ‘Rock N Roll Party’, which offers more gritty psychotic stompers in the same vein between The White Stripes, The Cramps, and The Buff Medways were they fronted by a banshee.

Said banshee, Becca Bomb, sounds like she grew up loitering the streets of Detroit with Suzi Quatro circa The Pleasure Seekers living on a diet of Fifties B-Movies and fuzzed-out eighties garage punk nastiness; as she growls her way through opener ‘Ghost Train’, grinding her guitar as Duncan Destruction, the sharp-suited Frankenstein bashes away moronically on the skins.

Second track and highlight of the record is ‘Don’t Cry’, a mean stomper of maniacal lust, which crosses between early Yeah Yeah Yeah’s with more garage-blues muscle, with Miss Bomb screeching:“Don’t you die, die, die in my bed…!” her voice drifting between an American punk drawl and broad Scottish lilt. Final track ‘Chicken Voodoo Blues’ loses all grip on common sense and is a full on nonsensical assault on your ears with pounding drums, scuzzy riffs, and bratty vocals. Raw, wild, so climb aboard, please. Next stop voodoo-ville!

Yvonne McKeown

published by Shindig! Happening Mag on - Shindig! Happening Magazine

"The Creeping Ivies - Stay Wild"

Having been left in rapture by their previous EP Ghost Train earlier this year, the anticipation and excitement going into Stay Wild, the debut album from Scottish rock n rollers The Creeping Ivies, was near on immeasurable. Admittedly it would have had to be a car crash of apocalyptic proportions not to have found approval, but the ten track psyche buzzbombs, to steal one of their song titles, took existing expectations and hopes and elevated them into a debauchery of passion. Stay Sick is a stunning irrepressible feast of wickedness which could grace any dance floor, riotous party, or waking graveyard.

The Creeping Ivies consists of the powerful inciting vocals and carnal riffs of Becca Bomb alongside the senses slapping, primal incendiary beats of Duncan Destruction, a duo which ignites primitive urges and raw hunger for their challenging and insatiably thrilling sounds. Together they brew up a storm which plays like the bastard sonic offspring of an illicit engagement between The Cramps, Wanda Jackson, The Orson Family, Patti Smith, and Ray Campi, whilst being violated by Alien Sex Fiend. It is an unforgettable and unique cacophony of instinctive mischief bringing the fullest most invigorating rewards.

Debut EP Rock N Roll Party in November 2011 was their first full statement of intent, though the song Shake It Up had already inspired acclaim and strong responses to the band with its appearances on a couple of compilation albums. The band also landed good airplay around the world which accelerated with the Ghost Train EP, including being featured on The Bone Orchard podcast. Shows alongside Viv Albertine of The Slits and Vic Godard & Subway Sect, as well as their own gigs have only gone to place the band as one of the most exciting in the UK, something which Stay Wild will surely turn into worldwide recognition with deserved luck. Released on December 10th as a vinyl/download through US label Dead Beat Records, the album is a simple yet powerful trip to orgasmic satisfaction.

The album opens with the magnificent Black Cat, a track with a groove which has you scouring rooftops for the Caped Crusader and an honest swagger inviting full participation. The uncomplicated gait of the song is hypnotic enough but with the sonic scrubbing which explodes out and scorches the ear intermittently, adoration is the only outcome. The vocals of Becca demand attention as firmly as her guitar lashes, and standing side by side with the thumping rhythms of Duncan, the pair scar the air and senses with a delicious assault of lustful irreverence.

The feisty stomp of Buzzbomb rampages over the sores caused by the opener with garage punk/rockabilly energy and punchy enterprise. Carrying a spice of The Stooges, Ramones, and The Creepshow to its gait, the song is a storming treat of public disorder combined with sonic revelry and showing the variety of sound and imagination which screams out from within the album.

Madhouse Blues and Mirror Mirror step up next to fire up the passions, the first a flow of caustic strokes from Becca around her wonderfully expressive and synapse scorching vocals. The track has a punk breath to its repetitive and salty touches which steps into numerous realms of genres whilst firmly borne of the first seeds of rock n roll. It is a persistent treat taking no prisoners with its corrosive intent and sets up the second of the two with its throaty tones and ‘banshee’ squalls perfectly. The track transported thoughts to Korean horror film Into the Mirror for some reason, probably due to the The 5,6,7,8’s like spicery of the song and the sharp tingling sonics which enflame the heart throughout.

Every track on the album is a triumph and inspires the same level of wanton devotion; songs like the brilliant punk n roller Spinning, a track which is as spicy and seductive as sex, the sensational echoing tank slapper Bop Like That, the slower but equally compelling song The World, and the steamy House of Ivy, all staggering examples of the uncluttered inventive mastery and brilliance on show. The latter is a raucous maelstrom of feverish energy and body rapping beats, a sadistically teasing psychobilly binge with whispers of L7 and Bone Orchard to its striding exploits.

Completed by Rock N Roll Ghost, a song which devours the heart like a fusion of the Misfits and Horrorpops, and the final exhilarating bruising encounter of the closing title track, the sigh of deep pleasure is audible at its end and the rush to press the play button again to the whole feast of magic beyond eager. Stay Wild is simply astounding and if this was to be the only music to soundtrack the rest of our lives there would only be greedy acceptance and joy.

Copyright RingMaster 2012
- Ringmaster

"The Creeping Ivies - Stay Wild"

Rock & Roll meets punk as the Creeping Ivies deliver a storming debut.

One cold night last January I ventured along to a Rock Chick night in Edinburgh, slightly unsure of what to expect of half the acts on the bill. I was familiar with of several of the performing acts, so it wasn’t a complete walk into darkness. It was there that I caught my first glimpse of The Creeping Ivies, the Dundee two-piece consisting of Becca Bomb and Duncan Destruction. There was something reassuringly old skool (sic) about their sound - simplicity at its best, one guitar, drums, vocals and one hell of a sound.

Less than 12-months later and the band are now set to release their debut long-player, ‘Stay Wild’. Having heard their first two EPs I knew only too well that their sound can transfer to record without losing its raw edginess. I did wonder, however, if they could keep it up over the course of a full album. I needn’t have bothered with worrying, though, as ‘Stay Wild’ has turned out to be one of the freshest and most interesting records of the year.

The album itself is still as raw as anything else they’ve recorded, it’s just here that they’re given a grander opportunity to expand on the noise they captured so excellently on the ‘Ghost Train’ EP, released back in June. In a nutshell, this is a stripped down garage record. And what a record.

Album opener ‘Black Cat’ is a killer tune, complete with an assured nod or two to surf rock. ‘Buzzbomb’ is a rock & roll stomp whose punky edges border on the likes of The Ramones and The Stooges. It’s a track that is catchy as hell and you’ll find yourself humming it long after you’ve finished listening to this record. The same sentiment can be applied to ‘Mirror Mirror’, with it’s killer riffs and catchy lines. Both sound oddly familiar yet new at the same time.

There’s a real retro-punk sound to ‘Spinning’ with yet more catchy riffs. There’s an obvious nod to The Ramones in the title of ‘Bop Like That’, and upon hearing it you’ll realise that said nod extends to the sound too. The melody is definitely something you could have imagined Joey and co performing in their late-70’s hey-day. Slower moments such as ‘The World’ and ‘House of Ivy’ demonstrate a real bluesy side to Becca’s vocals and add depth to the record. It really is compelling stuff.

‘Rock N Roll Ghost’ is another slower moment but is definitely one of the record’s absolute stand out moments as is the album closing self-titled track ‘Stay Wild’. It’s pretty ballsy stuff. This is an album that’s only shortage is fillers - every track here is worthy of its place, which is what makes this one of (if not the) best records of the year.

I don’t know about you but I can’t wait to hear what they do next.

Key Song: Buzzbomb

- The Sound Project

"The Creeping Ivies - Stay Wild - Stays True"

The Creeping Ivies from Dundee, Scotland have a track on their upcoming LP Stay Wild called Rock N Roll Ghost. It is stripped down 50’s rock and roll done up punk. Think Gene Vincent and his Blue Caps, The Cramps, Patty Smith and X-Ray Spex all ground up to make this delicious punk sausage. Never mind the fucking worse analogy I have ever commited to print (I am going on too many hours without any sleep)- The Creeping Ivies are super cool and fun to boot. The Ghost Train video (from their previous EP) is dripping with it (cool that is) and Becca Bomb not only can belt out her vocal chops (complete with punk Ono yelps), and play a mean surf punk guitar- she is easy on the eyes. Actually Duncan Destruction is nice to look at as well.

While Rock N Roll Ghost is one of my favorite tracks on Stay Wild (I don’t know why, it just speaks to me) all the songs possess a sort of punk purity. I like the fact that The Creeping Ivies kept it simple, didn’t seem to do any over-dubs or add a guest bass player. Quite the contrary, it is the kind of balls out garage punk rock that could very well exist in 1978 at CBGB’s. The tones, overall sound, the fact that the guitar is pulled back in favor of Becca’s vox makes this record sound super retro. Songs like Buzzbomb and Madhouse Blues keep the punk progs simple but driving as hell. Spinning and the Ramones like Bop Like That feel like spazzy punk sock hop songs. The World (my favorite track) feels a bit more expansive than the rest, like a tortured anthemic love or anti-love song. The final title track Stay Wild is totally infectious, especially the chorus that has this beautifully rad break (that oddly enough makes me think of the more punk pop sound of King Tuff).

So glad I found the Creeping Ivies and so sad that they are so far away. I would love to see them live. Are you listening Becca and Duncan??? Please get your asses over here to the states real soon!

Robb Donker

American Pancake - American Pancake

"The Creeping Ivies - Rock N Roll Party EP"

"THE Cramps re-imagined as The White Stripes.

... Why not? Fronted by singer and guitarist Becca Bomb with Duncan Destruction on drums, their new EP is rough and raw.

But that just adds to the vintage atmosphere of their psychobilly rock. Buggin Around has the dirty 50s fuzz of The Cramps as Becca sings "I see you shuffling around" and the tribal beat bounces around your brain.

The title track will have you shaking your leopard-print leggings as Becca promises she'll be "partying all night". You better believe it." - The Daily Record (UK)

"The Creeping Ivies - Rock N Roll Party"

Did you wake up this morning, like I did, with a hankering for a Scottish garage rock-n-roll duo? There must be something in the air.

Luckily, then, I found these guys in my eMail in-box when I turned my computer on.

The Creeping Ivies are Becca Bomb on guitar and vocals and Duncan Destruction on drums. Becca’s voice is that wonderful combination of honey and gravel (reminds me of the long lost Wolfie) – taking their inspirations, like every garage rock worth their salt, from Bo Diddley, The Sonics, The Cramps, Link Wray and The Ramones.

They have a three-track EP out via Bandcamp, produced by Robin Wynn-Evans (Manic Street Preachers, The View) at T-Pot Studios and it’s awesome. Kicking off with a call-to-arms, so to speak, of Buggin’ Around – primal, stripped back and raw. Head To Tail has a riff that was bugging the fuck out of me for being achingly familiar all morning; yet weirdly I couldn’t place it until I started doing the dishes and then it struck me – Brimful of Asha by Cornershop – but this execution of the riff is, obviously raw-er and much cooler.

While closer, and title-track, is a real wild child. - Cheese On Toast (New Zealand)

"The Creeping Ivies"

Creeping Ivies are Becca Bomb – Vox/guitar and Duncan Destruction – Drums, formed in 2010 in Scotland. Their influences and love of sleazy, dangerous Rock N Roll is apparent and it might come as no surprise that they list The Cramps, Bo Diddley, Link Wray, Johnny Thunders, The Clash, The Ramones, The Sonics, Velvet Underground amongst their favourite artists.

It’s rather nice to hear there are still purveyors of deep down and dirty visceral rock n roll and we have not quite completely been over (or should that be “under”) whelmed by “Generation Mumford” – there is still hope. - Von Pip Musical Express

"From A Basement In Narnia – The Creeping Ivies interview"

The Creeping Ivies are just two but make one heck of a racket. Having only formed last year they played their debut gig at the Fever Summer Blow Out! in the late summer of this year.

Their set was a pure adrenalin rush, short, sharp tuneful shocks to the system, influenced by the rawer end of rock ‘n’ roll, garage punk and tied together with a classic, glamorous image. They tie together a bunch of familiar themes and influences but give them back to you with interest to create a sound that is recognizably their own.

For The Creeping Ivies it’s not about nostalgia or recreating a sound but instead creating something that is utterly passionate and beautiful, full of energy and great hooks. - Manic Pop Thrills (UK)

"The Creeping Ivies - Rock N Roll Party EP"

It’s hard to dislike songs like this. In fact, it is almost superfluous to pass opinion on such songs as they are what they are. The Creeping Ivies – Duncan Destruction and the delightfully named Becca Bomb – rattle out three unpretentious cupcakes of garage rock.

All the prerequisites for keeping it real are there, You’ve got the Marky Ramone hitting a plastic dustbin drum sound, the scuzzy guitars on maximum fuzz and minimal power chords topped off with a singer going at like she was down to her last cigarette. “Buggin’ Around” doesn’t mess around and soon induces a smile with its deadly Ramones go to the beach vibe. Becca Bomb then growls her way “Head To Tail” like a woman on a mission of self-assertive nihilism and “Rock N Roll Party” is simply pure frenetic American style punk.

It might be smart and it might not be subtle but this EP from The Creeping Ivies provides a timely reminder that music can indeed be fun. Gabba Gabba Hey!
- Bluesbunny (UK)

"CD Review - The Creeping Ivies - Rock N Roll Party"

I’m not sure if The Creeping Ivies take their name from Cramps guitarist Poison Ivy but they do cite The Cramps as a major influence.

Along with The Ramones, Link Wray, and Bo Diddley. The coed Scottish duo has been performing since 2010, melding a sound that feels vintage and cutting edge at the same time.

Garage rock fans in the U.S. might be familiar with their wailing song, “Shake It Up,” which appeared on the 2011 various artists compilation You Got Your Punk In My Garage.

Singer-guitarist Becca Bomb’s vocals are more of a howl amidst the sparse arrangements on The Creeping Ivies’ debut EP, Rock N Roll Party.

The first song, “Buggin’ Around,” opens with her fuzzed out strumming before Duncan Destruction jumps in with some hard-hitting drums. The live-performance-in-a-bar vibe continues on the seductive “Head To Tail,” with Bomb’s bravado vocals once again taking center stage. The rambunctious title track is a bit short at just under two minutes, but it’s still an irresistible invitation to join these two charismatic musicians for a good time.

The Creeping Ivies would likely have to add some nuances to their bare-bones approach in order to keep an entire CD interesting, but they’re off to an intriguing start. - Broken Hearted Toy (Chicago)

"Crossing The Pond #9: The Creeping Ivies"

Ivy, in plant form, can creep, crawl, or occasionally cover entire buildings. The Creeping Ivies of Dundee, Scotland, do a whole lot of rockin' and rollin'.

Dastardly duo Becca Bomb and Duncan Destruction list influences ranging from The Stooges to The Cramps to The Ramones, and imagining those three engaged in scandalous sonic behavior isn't a bad place to start when pinpointing the modus operandi of The Creeping Ivies. The twosome specialize in stripped-down, taut as fuck, rough rock and roll, with Becca's voice taking on an almost guttural, deep growl as Duncan maniacally, mechanically inflicts some pain on his drums.

They're a bit spooky, these Ivies, a bit ghastly in their audacious, no-frills noise. And I do believe I rather like them, oh yes indeed. - Fuzzy Logic (Washington)

"The Creeping Ivies - Rock N Roll Party EP"

For any fans of Little Steven's Underground Garage or Howie Pyro's Intoxica Radio, which both feature amazing garage rock from the 50's up to the current day, will sure dig this new garage band from Scotland called The Creeping Ivies. The bands new "Rock N Roll Party EP" is 3 short burst of garage greatness made for people who find beauty in the simplicity of rock n roll.

The band, Becca Bomb (vocals/guitar) and Duncan Destruction (drums), mix sonic rock n roll,ala The Stooges, and mix in surf guitar riffs to make one hell of ruckus on the opening track "Buggin' Around" and the fun never slows down. Becca has a seasoned vocal styling that's part Patti Smith anger, part Big Mama Thorton attitude. Duncan finds the simple rhythm that fits the songs and just keeps that formula for these 3 tracks. Hey, why fix it if it's not broken, right?

"Head To Tail" is my favorite track on the album, and the longest track at 3:16. It's got a great beat and infectious guitar lines in the vein of Link Wray. But it's truly Becca's amazingly strong vocals that really carry these songs. She's got the passion and the fire in her delivery that will make you swoon and cower all at the same time. She's a feisty one, that's for sure.

With so many bands making clean, overly produced albums, it's nice to see that the simple joys of plugging in and letting go are still enjoyable for some bands. My advice, get back INTO the garage and rediscover how great dirty, blues and surf infected rock n roll can be.

4 / 5 stars. - Critical Mass (Chicago)


Stay Wild
10 track album
Released December 2012 on Dead Beat Records

Ghost Train EP
3 track EP released in June 2012

Rock N Roll Party EP
3 track EP released in November 2011

Shake it up (compilation releases)
-You got your Punk in My Garage (GRG PNK Record) 2011
-No Way out Vol 2 (Dead by Mono Records) 2012



The Creeping Ivies formed in 2010 in Scotland.

Becca Bomb sings and grinds the guitar.
Duncan Destruction beats the hell out of the pans.

We play wild rock n roll.

In 2011, our song ‘Shake It Up’ was released as part of US based GRG PNK Records complilation ‘You Got your Punk in My Garage’.

The same track was included in ‘No Way Out Vol 2’ a compilation released late 2011 on Dead By Mono Records.

Our first EP ‘Rock N Roll Party ‘was released in November 2011. This is a 3 track EP and includes the tracks Buggin’ Around, Head to Tail and Rock N Roll Party. The record has since had airplay all over the USA, Canada, New Zealand and France.

Our send EP ‘GHOST TRAIN’ was recorded at Green Door Studios in Glasgow and released on June 1st 2012 as a free download. The 3 tracks are Ghost Train, Don’t Cry and Chicken Voodoo Blues.

We have supported Viv Albertine of The Slits, Vic Godard & Subway Sect and The Primevals on their recent Scottish tours.

Our debut LP STAY WILD was released in December 2012 digitally and on vinyl through US label Dead Beat Records in April 2013.

All music is written and owned by The Creeping Ivies.

What other people are saying...

"..the kind of balls out garage punk rock that could very well exist in 1978 at CBGB’s."

"The Creeping Ivies are one of the very few bands that manage to stay true to the essence of Garage Rock, yet merge something wonderfully strange with it."

"For any fans of Little Steven's Underground Garage or Howie Pyro's Intoxica Radio, which both feature amazing garage rock from the 50's up to the current day, will sure dig this new garage band from Scotland called The Creeping Ivies. The bands new "Rock N Roll Party EP" is 3 short burst of garage greatness made for people who find beauty in the simplicity of rock n roll."

"The band, Becca Bomb (vocals/guitar) and Duncan Destruction (drums), mix sonic rock n roll,ala The Stooges, and mix in surf guitar riffs to make one hell of ruckus"

"Becca has a seasoned vocal styling that's part Patti Smith anger, part Big Mama Thorton attitude.."

"a great beat and infectious guitar lines in the vein of Link Wray"

"Their set was a pure adrenalin rush, short, sharp tuneful shocks to the system, influenced by the rawer end of rock ‘n’ roll, garage punk and tied together with a classic, glamorous image."

"For The Creeping Ivies it’s not about nostalgia or recreating a sound but instead creating something that is utterly passionate and beautiful, full of energy and great hooks."