The Creeps

The Creeps


Today's Lesson: Conjugating the Verb Kill. "I Kill, You Kill, We Kill... They're All Dead, and now it's time to get away." Take the buzz-saw guitar of the Ramones, add Dick Tracy, & Jack the Ripper, throw 'em in a blender and you're getting warm.


After escaping from a heavily fortified loony bin just outside this nation’s capital in September 1999, these three creeps began to wreak their own brand of havoc on the city of Ottawa, leaving a trail of death and destruction in their wake. Shortly after their daring escape, however, these three social outcasts were caught up to by agents of the Central Intelligence Agency and given a choice: either return to the asylum and spend the remainder of their lives in solitary confinement, or take the oath and become special agents for the C.I.A. ... their choice was clear.

Their mission, as outlined by the Agency, was to become the eyes, the ears, and the muscle for an international cartel of high rollers, hell-bent on world domination – all under the guise of a three-piece punk rock outfit. Dubbed, ‘The Creeps’, for their psychopathic tendencies, the boys were put through rigorous training exercises to hone their skills in the art of three-chord punk rock. Consisting of endless hours of learning their instruments to the Ramones Leave Home set on repeat and partial lobotomies all around, The Creeps’ training has propelled them to a moderate level of success in the local scene – an unintentional byproduct on the path to their true mission: One World Government.

With training passed and the necessary stamps of approval given from high above, these three mercenaries were given codenames and sent on their way. Skottie Lobotomy, Jordy, and Bevans, otherwise known simply as The Creeps, will be invading your town, sabotaging your embassy, and climbing in through your bedroom window any day now…


"Lakeside Cabin" (to be released Spring 2008)
*11 new songs sure to turn some heads.

"Back to the 'Bin"
*a 13 track follow up to Gamma Gamma Ray!
Goblin Records, released May 13th, 2005.

"Gamma Gamma Ray!"
*16 song full-length release put out on
Goblin Records, Ottawa, Canada. 2003.

"Kick 'em While They're down...Vol 2"
*A compilation of local and international punk rock bands, such as The Dwarves, The Vapids, The Queers, The Riptides and more.

"Westmount High"
*15 song full-length self-released in early 2001.

Set List

30 minutes of non-stop buzzkill. Finish one song, 1-2-3-4, start the next. Only stop to guzzle beer and hit on your girlfriend.
All orignals. Maybe a Ramones song or two.