The Crescent Circus
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The Crescent Circus

New Orleans, Louisiana, United States

New Orleans, Louisiana, United States
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The best kept secret in music


"How did they do that?"

Morgan and Nathan are a great duo and their combination of magic, physical feats, humor and entertainment was thoroughly enjoyed by our audience of managers. They are funny, engaging and prompt…more than a few “how did they do that?” questions! - Mike Hachtman, President of reLogistics LLC

"Thanks again for a great show!!"

Thanks again for a great show!! Y’all were such a hit with the students. We even had some that missed it, and heard about how great it was from others, and were asking if y’all were doing an encore performance later that week. Just wanted to pass along some kudos, as the event was great, and y’all were super easy/friendly to work with. Good luck on the road! - Ashlie Daigle, Centenary College

"Prepare to have your mind blown"

The Crescent Circus brought an entertaining, interactive, laugh out loud show, filled with illusions, tricks, and death-defying juggling, taking your breath away with every moment. Prepare to have your mind blown right from the start, with no time to ever put it back together. Each show is different, with a lot of interaction with the audience. You feel like part of the show and relate to the performers. It was an all around good time!

Having two doves appear in the first ten seconds was phenomenal! My mind was
shattered and my jaw hit the floor. I loved how Nate could interact with his audience and not miss a beat, you would think he planned it all before, even though he's just having conversation and entertaining you. I really enjoyed when he had a student shuffle an invisible box of cards, his witty rernarks and sense of humor to the situation was outstanding. It was great; Morgan and Nate are two well rounded, respectable, and hard working individuals. You can easily tell they love what they do, and they always present themselves with a warn attitude and an inviting smile.

Booking and set up was very smooth and their professionalism was fantastic, we are still in contact and would love to have them back at our venue again. If you're thinking of booking Crescent Circus, stop debating and just do it! Nate and Morgan are a great act to come to any venue. They have remarkable skills and talents. Whether it's a small crowd or a sold out.venue they will give you a show you won't soon forget. I would highly recommend their act to anyone and would see them again if the opportunity presented itself.

David Ievoli
Castleton State University
- David Ievoli, Castleton State University

"They were the perfect act...!"

I wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed Crescent Circus' show! Nate and Morgan put on a fantastic show and knew how to play the audience for the highest level of enjoyment! They were the perfect act for our freshman arrival day and kicked our year off right! Thanks for having such quality acts. - Luke Payson, Waynesburg University

"From The Dixon Theater"

Nathan and Morgan are very talented!
Nathan Kepner is not only a fantastic magician with an incredible physical feats but it is his personality that truly wins the audience over! With his self-deprecating humor, his wit, and his charm Nathan will make you laugh while blowing you away!
Morgan Tsu-Raun's strength & beauty seduces the audience into a trance. Her hula-hooping skills and her smile will keep you mesmerized and play perfectly into The Crescent Circus' theme!
We can not wait to have them with us again!!! - Mary M, Poplarville, MS

"The show was awesome!"

The Crescent Circus is definitely an act that you want to bring to your campus! This dynamic duo has a stage presence that will have your audience laughing out loud while sitting on the edge of their seats in suspense. The mix of comedy, magic and illusion in this show is one of the best in the college-touring business.

My favorite thing about their performance is how it appealed to every person in the audience. We didn’t have to worry about the use of foul language during the set and their magic is one that could amaze all audience members from 4 years of age to 99. Nathan and Morgan left each of us in awe as they performed impossible acrobatics, made things disappear and read our minds. Students still talk about this event that took place a month ago!

Besides the awesome show, these performers are incredibly easy to work with. It was very easy to contact them (or their agency) at any time prior to the show. They were also very punctual and interacted very well with the students after the show. Clearly, they know that their “job” isn’t just limited to the stage.

Please consider booking the Crescent Circus for your next event. This show is truly ideal for any campus occasion and you will be extremely pleased with the performance. This was the most successful show that we have had on our campus to date.

Heather Diehl
Heather Diehl
Coordinator, Student Activities and Leadership
Carroll Community College
- Heather Diehl, Carroll Community College

"The Crescent Circus was great!"

The Crescent Circus was great! I did get a chance to watch a few minutes of their performance and I enjoyed every bit of it. I have also distributed an online survey to our student body in hopes to make our event better. The entertainment ratings are great. I know that our students really enjoyed it. I've also had several students come up to me and tell me what a great job they did. Their performance was consistent with the theme of our event and I couldn't be more pleased! The Crescent Circus was a wonderful duo to work with and I would recommend them to anyone. - Michael S, Northwestern State University

"A wonderful show"

We would like to thank you Nathan and Morgan for being on time, early even! It was a wonderful show and definitely a pleasure working with Crescent Circus as well as Wally!
- Erica Tat, Cultural Programming Director, University of Houston, Houston, TX
- Erica Tat, Cultural Programming Director, University of Houston, Houston, TX

"Great Act!"

I had the pleasure of attending not one, but two shows by The Crescent Circus in the fall of 2011 in Austin Texas. They are an amazingly creative act ... comedic, acrobatic, fun and lively! The way they sync their bodies to their act is awe-inspiring. The magic ... well, let's just say I am still scratching my head with wonder. Not only are Morgan & Nate a wonderful act reminiscent of old Vaudville, they performed many tricks I had honestly never seen before! I'm planning a trip to New Orleans in the spring. I truly hope I find the *Circus* in town performing in their natural habitat!
-Laura L.
Austin, TX - Laura L. Austin, TX

"Fantastic Job"

We hired Nathan for my sister's bachelorette party, and he was so well worth it!! Illusionists aren't someone who is tyically asked to perform at such a party, but he knew how to work with us and did such a fantastic job. I can't tell you how much everyone enjoyed his performance. He arrived early, dressed in shirt and tie, ready to perform. His attitude was great. I would highly recommend Nathan to everyone. I will be sure to keep his contact information and definitely hire him in the future if the opportunity presents. Thank you to Nathan for making my sister's party that much better!!
-Jill K
Lewisberg, PA - Jill K Lewisberg, PA

"Great overall"

The Crescent Circus performance went really well. Students enjoyed the performance a lot. Our performance space was not the best because the lights were on a timer and we could not control them, but it went great overall.
- Angie Weimer, Coordinator of Student Activities, John Carroll University – Cleveland, OH - Angie Weimer, Coordinator of Student Activities, John Carroll University – Cleveland, OH


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Let The Crescent Circus make you memorable with a show so eclectic that it has something for everyone. Get your audience involved with the magic on stage, in their seats and even on their phones during the show! Keep them laughing with high energy physical comedy and amaze them with lightning fast illusions. Put your audience in the hands of two performers who have been seen in Las Vegas, Prague and London as well as on HBO's series Treme. With 6 international titles and a world championship in stage magic, your audience will only be getting the best with The Crescent Circus. Your guests will keep talking about your event and the incredible fusion of award-winning magic, dangerous stunts, and breath- taking circus arts that is The Crescent Circus.