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The best kept secret in music


Jack Cracker - The Crest - April 2004

Jack Cracker, one half of Madison's hip-hop tag-team, theCREST, has earned a reputation for down-sizing opponents' egos after he fought his way to the Mics Of Fury I and II titles. When a competitor said Jack looked like a gay rights activist he replied, “What’s all this talk about me being gay? Last night I left his girlfriend with a face full of my DNA.”

But Jack said he is weary of toting the battle rapper label. “You never want ‘battle rapper’ – that term – you know what I mean? I’m more of an MC in my mind. I’ve done a crazy lot more shows than I do battles.”

theCREST performed at the first annual Madison Area Music Awards on March 28 where they won the award for “Best Hip-Hop Album” for “Binge Thinking.” Jack’s lyrics on the album unmask his insecurities, hip-hop economics, family dynamics and the struggles to make it as an independent artist. His rhymes force you to rethink your surroundings - and often, your self.

“I try to be really receptive to what's going on,” he said. “Whether it's in the room or in society. If you have an idea, being receptive and writing it down, you can always elaborate.”

Wiscompton – a concept created by hip-hop producers Paul Fresh and DJ Skrabble – led to theCREST’s mix tape, “Wiscompton Volume I.” Last October a bootlegger used Wiscompton, a registered trademark of theCREST and Lucy Lane Records, to sell some knockoff T-shirts. You can purchase authentic Wiscompton gear at

The mix tape, which is actually a CD, is loaded with original songs, battles, skits, parodies and audio pulled from video footage. Jack and his brother AD lighten up a genre enslaved by bling bling and the quest for mass appeal. They question the motives of superficial MCs and flip-flop songs new and old, stamping them with their knit-picky style. Hall And Oats’ “Rich Girl” gets twisted into a clever hip-hop call-out to bratty girls partying on their sugar daddy’s dime.

“We wanted to do some different songs, some parodies, use some different people’s beats and then we kind of tied in the whole ‘Wiscompton’ thing because the shirts were going at the same time so we said, ‘Hey, why not join the two.’”

- Maximum Ink


Family Ties (cassette only)- 1998
Cheese N Crackers- 2000
Crestmail- 2000
Sublimation- 2001
Not 4 Sale- 2001
AD- misguided recordings- 2002
Jack Cracker- hats off- 2002
Not 4 Sale 2- 2003
Binge Thinking- 2003
Wiscompton- 2004
Jack Cracker- liberty bomb- 2005
skeptik- 2005


Feeling a bit camera shy


What started as 2 brothers (AD & Jack Cracker) break dancing in the early 80's grew in to rhyming in their basement. 200 shows, 4 John Lennon Songwriting awards, a few warp tours and 10 albums later the group is awaiting thier first national release "Skeptik" on Uprising Records. The CREST has performed all over the midwest with such acts as Wyclef Jean, Eyedea, Clyde Stubblefield, Sage Francis, Brother Ali and RJD2 to name a few.