The Creswells

The Creswells


The Creswells is a group of 50ish aged gentleman who went to UGA in the era of '79-'85 when Athens was the center of the universe in terms of music. They witnessed firsthand the rise of Athens as an international music scene and the birth of bands like Pylon, Love Tractor, and of course, REM.


The Creswells are seeking to play Athfest in 2013. The band is comprised of guys who attended the University of Georgia between 1979 and 1985, when Athens was the center of the universe as far as new music goes. The band members have all remained active in music since their college days, working on various performance, writing, and recording projects over the years, and continue to play today under various formations and names. They are based out of Atlanta, Georgia where they maintain a rehearsal/recording studio while holding down steady day jobs. Their live music is a mix of original tunes and altered covers that has that "Athens sound" with a touch of '70's big rock mixed in. They cover a wide range of bands from Led Zeppelin to Jimmy Webb with their own twist added to each song, and of course a few Athens classics, including Pylon, REM, and the B-52's.

The band is seeking to play Athfest under the name "The Creswells" in honor of the name of the dorm (Creswell Hall) several of the band members 'did time in' during their college days.


The members of the Creswells have been involved in many, many recording projects over the years under different names. To find more, search for:

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