The Crimson Permanent

The Crimson Permanent

 Burlington, Ontario, CAN

The Crimson Permanent is a new cutting-edge band driven by four talented core members. Based in Burlington these teens have already launched their first EP (available on BandCamp), with plans of releasing a full album soon. Watch out for when this band's popularity explodes through the GTA.


The Crimson Permanent got its start in early 2012, with most members of their previous band "Funeral". Already armed with a solid arsenal of original songs, the band began unveiling their talent to the unsuspecting teenaged crowd of Burlington, Ontario. It wasn't long before they hit the studio to begin the recording of their first tracks. During the mixing and mastering process the Crimson Permanent continued to grow, losing members and gaining others, right up until October, when their first EP was released. The EP turned some heads and grabbed the attention of some crowds the band wasn't expecting to cater to. While continuing their growth and modifying their sound to find just what they're looking for, the band plans to hit the studio again, to record more great music.


The Crimson Permanent (EP)

Set List

Our sets currently consist of new unnamed songs and explosive jam-style covers of classic psychedelic tracks.