The Crisis

The Crisis

 El Cajon, California, USA
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Wassup Universe!!! If you enjoy true lyricism at its finest then check out my music. You wont be dissapointed!!!


A young boy by the name of Leland Louis Johnson IV, was born early one morning in a city known by the name of ST. Louis Missouri! Moving to California at the very young age of two, Leland found himself infatuated with many things as he grew into the young man he now is today. From sports, to art, to writing, to dancing. But one thing he always had a secret passion for was music, anything and everything having to do with music, the hip hop culture in particular. He found himself constantly imitating artists within the Hip Hop game. He began writing his first rhymes in the early days of his life, eight years old to be exact. Although he was not as lyrically skilled as his elder brother who was also heavly influenced by hip hop, he still pushed himself to write better and better rhymes, it became his life. Eventually in the days of middleschool and onward into the days of highschool Leland fell out of the rap game and began pursueing other avenues which he was also talented in, such as drawing and writing. However with new found inspiration Leland is back with a vengence, now well equipped with his own unique style he goes by the pseudonym THE CRISIS! And he is ready to take the world by storm as "The Fresh Face Of Hip Hop!!!"


Mixtape: Ressurrection Of The Lyricists.
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Set List

I like to perform any where from one song on.
1. What Up World
2. Flawless Victory
3. Cold War
4. Reigning Champ
5. I'll Do Me