The Crooked Streets

The Crooked Streets

 Denver, Colorado, USA

The Crooked Streets howl at the moon with gypsy folk'n'soul songs.


The Crooked Streets is a 5 piece gypsy folk and soul band from Denver, Colorado. Their music is for fans of Josh Ritter, Iron and Wine and early Tom Waits. They have shared the stage with many different Colorado acts including Dragondeer, Anthony Ruptak, Edison and Sawmill Joe to name a few. They have also shared the spotlight with national acts like Brown Bird, Hoots and Hellmouth, and Hymn For Her.  

     In early 2014, The Crooked Streets released their 1st studio album titled "From a Seed". The idea of crooked streets came from a Bright Eyes track, "I Must Belong Somewhere". 

     They are comprised of singer/rhythm guitarist Mathias Olson, drummer Logan Barrier, violinist Stephanie Miller, bassist Chris Loftus, and lastly electric guitarist Jeffrey Malek. From time to time you might catch them with mandolin player Mark Emde, and trumpeter Johanes Stehle Jr.

     The Crooked Streets are currently playing in the Denver front range area garnering attention from music fans and venue owners. With gritty vocals, meaningful heartfelt lyrics, catchy melodies, and skillful musicianship this band has a signature sound they call Gypsy Folk'n'Soul.


From A Seed

Written By: Mathias Olson

The land would swallow the sun whole
I never thought possible
From a seed a tree would grow
I would think I would think of things
I would breathe and become uneasy
I’d find it and then it would leave me
Get lost in my seeking
I would love I would trust
I would tear this place up
In a fit if I lost you again
I'm a better man than I've ever been

The clouds would spit out their blinding rain
They still will not wash away
The stain of yesterday
I would drink I would drink a lot
Get lost in every plot
Find it try to hold on
Blink then it was gone
I would love I would trust
I would tear this place up
In a fit if I lost you again
I'm a better man now than I've ever been.