The Crossing

The Crossing

 Chicago, Illinois, USA

For more than three decades the Crossing have been creating music with intricate arrangements of traditional and original celtic tunes using guitar, pipes, fiddle, flutes, harp, keys, bodhrans and more. They've been well received by music lovers on both sides of the Atlantic and beyond.


The Crossing has been performing a mix of traditional celtic and original songs and tunes since 1984. Though all members but one are natives of the U.S. (Hilde the cellist is from Norway), their roots are in the celtic lands and their original songs mirror those traditions. In their set can be heard tales of joy, accounts of hardship and victory, celtic prayers and psalms set to music, and the ever-present danceable jigs and reels.

The band's members reside in inner-city Chicago, in the highly diverse Uptown neighborhood. Part of a group that works closely with the region's poor and homeless gives unique perspective on both the pleasures and struggles of daily life. Spiritual themes are woven throughout their sets and the overall mood is one of hope, joy and celebration that appeals to people of all convictions.

The instrumentation at a Crossing show is engagingly diverse. Most members are accomplished at not only one, but several instruments. Tony, the group's front man and main songwriter, is at home with guitar, bouzouki, banjo, bagpipes and whistles, in addition to his comforting and seasoned voice. Mark, the band's "fluter," also beautifully plucks the harp. Hilde's main calling is cello, which provides a great low-end to rhythms and melodies, but she also fills out the sound with piano, guitar, and contributes lead vocals. Jennifer focuses all her energies on being the fiddler extraordinaire, and Eric is another jack-of-all-trades with melody guitar, bouzouki, bodhran, and djembe. All members sing harmonies, which makes for a transcendent experience when combined.

The Crossing have been influenced in their sound by The Tannahil Weavers, Altan, The Chieftains, and other great trad groups. Whether playing at festivals, college campuses, pubs, churches, house shows, etc. they've been extremely well received and look forward to the opportunity of doing it more! The band has seven full-length recordings including the most recent titled Baile (Home), and all are available at and iTunes. They are currently recording new material for release in 2018.

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Stirrup Cup

Written By: Tony Krogh / Traditional

I'll ride with Ye, my King, I'll take the stirrup cup and swallow
With sword and shield I'll take the field and live or die I'll follow

Nations rant, kingdoms rage, forces joined for war
Sabers rattle, rulers threaten, hear the mocking roar
Mountains shift, the oceans surge, trouble's comin' soon
Whate'er the cost I'll bear the cross and I will follow You

My arm is weak, my sword is dull, my armor's rusted thin
I struggle with the backward glance, the coward's favorite sin
Fear and doubt can shake resolve, turn day to blackest night
If You, my King, lead from the front I'll follow to the fight

At times I feel I'm blindly groping, frightened and alone
I think of sons and daughters and the world that they will own
Your gatherin' pipe will loudly sound but will they heed the call?
Will they answer, will they rally, will they stand or fall?

Tho' foe is gone and battle won the war is never o'er
We travel on tho' cheered by none to reach a distant shore
None may know how much we've lost or victories that we've won
Tho' peace may reign, to hold Your standard high we struggle on


Written By: Tony Krogh

Home, home, home, home would I be
Home, home, home in that High Country
With my God, with my King, with Their Spirit filling me
I would dwell there forever in that fair Country

Father kind, ever loving
Son of man who paid the price
And the Spirit, mighty Spirit
Three to shield me from the night
Mighty God, my Redeemer
With Your hand be lifting me
From this dark night of trials
From this world of stormy seas
I am war-torn and weary
As I wander through the night
And I pray my God for courage
To continue with the fight
You began this work within me
Help me not to fail the test
And defend me in my battles
’Til You bring me to my rest
In the eye of the Father
In the eye of the Son
In the eye of the Spirit
In the Three who are One
I will bless the God whose power
Encircles land and sea
And I will dance, I will sing
’round the table of the King

Tribal Pipes (The Turf Lodge / Morrison's Jig / The Athol Highlanders

Written By: Pipe Major Angus MacDonald / Traditional / Traditional


Set List

(approx. 1 hr.)

1. The Stirrup Cup
2. The Foxhunters Set
3. Requiem
4. Roman Rule
5. New Pipes (Red Coat, Gravel Walk, Ale is Dear, Masons Apron)
6. Standing Stones
7. Anam Cara / Columba 610 A.D.
8. Johnny Boyles Set
9. Home
10. Ps. 136
11. Tribal Pipes

(approx. 90 min.)

1. The Stirrup Cup
2. The Foxhunters Set
3. Requiem
4. Roman Rule
5. New Pipes (Red Coat, Gravel Walk, Ale is Dear, Masons Apron)
6. Kusi Wawa
7. For Help and Protection
8. Standing Stones
9. Anam Cara / Columba 610 A.D.
10. Molly MacAlpin
11. Johnny Boyles Set
12. Home
13. Ps. 136
14. Tribal Pipes
Encore (if needed): Ecstasy