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"Local Cut"

“The Trim,” The Crosswalks, from This Was Now (self-released)
December 13th, 2006 [1:21PM] Posted by: AMY MCCULLOUGH | 1 COMMENT

To be honest, I’ve got mixed emotions about choosing the Crosswalks’ “The Trim” as my Cut of the Day–not because it’s not a worthy, tune, but because it’s almost too catchy. After seeing the Crosswalks play last Thursday at the White Eagle, I had their songs, particularly this jangly little number, in my head pretty much nonstop for the next few days. In fact, I didn’t listen to the local trio’s EP intentionally, because I was afraid I was driving those around me crazy by blurting out “Thank you for the haircut, Sandy/ Thanks for the trim” over and over (I’m not sure on the “Sandy” part, but this is how I’ve been singing it). Now, I’m surely condemned to be singing it all day–again.

So, consider this a warning of sorts. My other complaint is that this song is just too darn short. The band closed with “The Trim” at the above mentioned show, and I told them afterward that I really, really wouldn’t have minded if they had just played it four or five times in row. I mean, the “boo-da boo-da boo-da boo” part at the beginning–and the melody-mimicking guitar line that follows–only happens once, which is simply not enough, folks. And all this goes without mentioning how much fun it is to yell along with the “Welcome to my misfit neighborhood!” refrain at the end. Geez.

Luckily, there’s a handly little play button down yonder that you can go ahead and hit over and over again, if need be. And maybe, like naive lil’ me, it’ll take you a few listens to catch onto the double meaning behind “Thanks for the trim.” I’m a little slow sometimes. - Willamette Week Online

"Willamette Week Music Listings"

by Amy McCullough

What's even more fun than blowing a bunch of money on Frogger (OK, it's just quarters) while getting drunk at an old-school arcade? Blowing a bunch of money on (insert favorite arcade game) while getting drunk at an old-school arcade that's about to host the Crosswalks! This jangly, early-'90s-soundin' indie-pop trio not only features fun-as-hell male/female vocals--oft led by drummer Dave Shur, whose awesomely spacey demeanor, incredibly skilled playing and Howie Mandel-ish looks (I mean this as a good thing!) are a treat to behold--it also features melodic bass playing, singalong choruses and early Built to Spill-ish guitar. I wanna bandnap these guys, take 'em to the coast and make 'em play a beach-party barbecue for all the feelgood souls who'd care to hear. AMY MCCULLOUGH. Ground Kontrol. 9pm. Free. 21+. - Willamette Week

"Nightcrawler by Nathan Skidmore"

With just a hint of country and folk, the Crosswalks (pictured) play pop using the standard guitar-bass-drum configuration, occasionally adding a ukulele, keyboard and "stuff," according to the liner notes of "This Was Now." The group -- Dave Shur, Brendan McCracken and Emily Vidal -- sounds different because every member contributes vocals, constantly humming, whistling or providing standard harmony. The effect is deceiving: While songs at first appear simple, closer inspection reveals faint instrumental details and subtle vocal layering that give the quirky pop its charm. Headlining the show, the Portland group follows opener Enrique Bronkowski and prolific band the Minor Thirds. 10 p.m. Saturday, Acme Food and Drink, 1304 S.E. Eighth Ave.; $6; 503-230-9020. - The Oregonian


We have an EP of brand new material currently being mastered, to be released by late summer 2009.

Our full length album "New Ghost Lights" was released in 2007 and well received in the local press--Williamette Week called it "the result of three capable songwriters joining forces to create something greater than the sum of its parts".

The Crosswalks EP "This Was Now"(2005) features "The Trim", which has been aired on Portland's 94.7 by both Greg Glover and Jamie Cooley, and was featured on Willamette Week's online Local Cut.

You can hear tracks from the "New Ghost Lights" and "This Was Now" at:



Guitarist Brendan McCracken, drummer Dave Shur and bassist Emily Vidal have a trick up their sleeves. That trick is the upcoming EP from The Crosswalks, which extends their musical spectrum with 5 new song that stretch from dark to light while retaining the idiosyncratic hooks and quirks they're known for. Tested and developed live, then recorded and mixed completely in the analog realm, the sound is at once both polished and raw; it's personal yet somehow still grand.

Portland-based pop rockers The Crosswalks display their knack for catchy melodies, experimental time splits and intricate, eccentric wordplay with a wide range of material that hurtles from the speakers and the stage with forceful subtlety. The tight intricacies of The Crosswalks' studio work translates into a vivacious live show, which has garnered a passionate local following. The Crosswalks are a bit of a rarity among the tight pants and melancholy of popular indie music--they're fun to listen to, and they always keep fans guessing.