The Crosswalks

The Crosswalks


Timeless pop-rock--singy, songy, quirky, catchy; damned fine lyrics to fire up your little grey cells; bouncy rhythms shifting with tectonic motion.


Guitarist Brendan McCracken, drummer Dave Shur and bassist Emily Vidal have a trick up their sleeves. That trick is the upcoming EP from The Crosswalks, which extends their musical spectrum with 5 new song that stretch from dark to light while retaining the idiosyncratic hooks and quirks they're known for. Tested and developed live, then recorded and mixed completely in the analog realm, the sound is at once both polished and raw; it's personal yet somehow still grand.

Portland-based pop rockers The Crosswalks display their knack for catchy melodies, experimental time splits and intricate, eccentric wordplay with a wide range of material that hurtles from the speakers and the stage with forceful subtlety. The tight intricacies of The Crosswalks' studio work translates into a vivacious live show, which has garnered a passionate local following. The Crosswalks are a bit of a rarity among the tight pants and melancholy of popular indie music--they're fun to listen to, and they always keep fans guessing.


We have an EP of brand new material currently being mastered, to be released by late summer 2009.

Our full length album "New Ghost Lights" was released in 2007 and well received in the local press--Williamette Week called it "the result of three capable songwriters joining forces to create something greater than the sum of its parts".

The Crosswalks EP "This Was Now"(2005) features "The Trim", which has been aired on Portland's 94.7 by both Greg Glover and Jamie Cooley, and was featured on Willamette Week's online Local Cut.

You can hear tracks from the "New Ghost Lights" and "This Was Now" at:

Set List

We currently have a 60-90 minute show full of great original music. We occasionally do a cover in a set, which range extremely widely--notable songs from many decades and styles.