The Crowd

The Crowd

 New York City, New York, USA
BandR&BHip Hop

Akil Dasan, Randy Mason and Adeline make up the culturally and musically diverse conscious hip hop and R&B group, The Crowd! The group's hip hop lyrics, beat boxing, guitar rifts and stunning vocals have been featured on BET, across nation and abroad in underground clubs and venues!


Three very unique and multi-talented artists have come together and formed a super group now known as The Crowd.

Akil Dasan originally from Philadelphia is a guitar player, beat-boxer, rapper, singer, and break dancing phenomenon who has played everywhere from N.Y.C to Finland, and has been featured on M.T.V, B.E.T, & A.B.C, among many other media outlets.

Randy Mason of Jewish and African American decent and originally from the Bronx is an emcee, songwriter, author, & freelance writer who has played all throughout N.Y.C, opening for legendary Hip Hop artists such as Boot Camp Click, & Cl Smooth.

The female representative in the group is the beautiful Adeline. Originally from Paris, Adeline is an amazing soulful vocalist, songwriter, guitar and bass player. She also works as a model and currently has a few campaigns out in print and internet ads.

Akil, Randy & Adeline meet in a studio session along with the idea of forming an eclectic hip hop, R&B, Rock, Pop super group. The chemistry was unmistakable, the synergy undeniable, and the three put in countless hours of writing, recording, rehearsing, and playing live everywhere from every recognized venue in N.Y.C, to France and eventually in front of a live studio audience and millions of music fans worldwide on BET's 106 & Park!

The crowd is a revolutionary musical phenomenon you must see live to truly appreciate. Conscious lyrics, amazing vocals, heart thumping beat boxing, guitar and bass rifts...The Crowd does it all! Often compared to the Fugees or the Black Eyed Peas, the group performs fresh remixes of popular songs and unbelievable original tracks that will keep your head nodding!