The Crowns

The Crowns

 Amsterdam, North Holland, NLD

From Amsterdam.


From the very first melody to the final master the music that has allowed The Crowns to become one of the most popular Dutch rock bands on the internet (with over a million views and listens) has been created completely independently. Founded in 2008 in the heart of Amsterdam, where a shared passion for music and a free environment strongly conductive to musical creativity led Thomas (guitar), Valentine (vocals) and Alex (keys) to record a demo drenched in the atmosphere of the Dutch dusks and dawns. Originally merely intended to be shared with friends, the demo was nevertheless quickly picked up by music fans scouring social networks for their daily aural fix, resulting in The Crowns quickly growing to be one of the largest Dutch rock bands on Myspace.

Inspired by the positive reception of their demo, The Crowns decided to expand their line-up with Toff from France (drums) and Franky from Italy (on bass) in order to fully dedicate themselves to creating and performing music. An album was recorded completely independently and previews were posted on Youtube, where the home made videos (main ingredients: a Dutch bike and an old camera) of The Crowns have gathered over a million views. True to the spirit of freedom & liberty on which Amsterdam was founded, The Crowns remain completely independent without any labels, publicists and managers constraining their creativity or interfering with their connection with their fans.

In 2010 The Crowns further extended their line-up with the German Michael Strobel (guitar) in anticipation of a first single release in January 2011.