The Crunchy Western Boys

The Crunchy Western Boys


"Sometimes the best music is the hardest to put a label on. New Hampshire's Crunchy Western Boys defy labeling as they pick and strum their way through the DNA of American music in all it's purest forms: folk, roots, bluegrass, a touch of gospel, all with an infectious rocking beat." ~NH Magazine


The Crunchy Western boys are a four piece original acoustic band playing Americana, folk, and bluegrass...instrumentation includes guitar, dobro, mandolin, banjo, fiddle, and upright bass.

The CWB have sold well over 3000 copies of their current record ‘The Crunchy Western Boys’ featuring all original music by CWB members Morris Manning and Jim McHugh. A new set of original tunes from the CWB called, 'Rumorville' has just been released to rave reviews!

The CWB are 2011's Best NH Americana band, chosen by the readers and editors of NH magazine! They have toured Ireland three times, took first place in the '09 band competition at the Northwest String Summit in Oregon and returned to the main stage there in '10. The CWB play festivals, theaters, clubs and bars, as well as private parties!


The Crunchy Western Boys
1. Natural Blonde
2. Please Come Home
3. Cold, Cold, Cold
4. Drivin' With The Windows Down
5. Anyone But You
6. Nobody Loves You
7. Summer of '29
8. Bathtub Gin
9. Truth About Love, part 2
10. Last Ride of Paddy O'Rican
11. Gone, Gone, Gone

1. Worried Head
2. Last Best Hope
3. Dancing in the Living Room
4. Bail for Beauregard
5. Weatherman
6. She's Got Your Eye's
7. Fool Around
8. Rumourville
9. Good Life
10. Turn
11. Jimmie Rae's Bar n' Grill
12. Lighthouse

Set List

The Crunchy Western Boys set list changes depending on venue and crowd. While the CWB play primarily their own material, they do have an extensive list of covers, both contemporary and traditional, that can be played for the appropriate crowd.