The Crush League

The Crush League


Crush League 7 is a rock band flavored with a shot of head-bobbing funk. Blending rhythms and melodies somewhere between Weezer and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, we feel that our mission is to bring the spirit of honest rock'n'roll back to the scene, with our own little twist.


The Crush League plays rock'n'roll in a special blend that's bit more flavorful than the average recipe. Their influences range from Led Zeppelin and Parliment Funkidelic to Against Me! and Incubus, and it shows in the music. The songs are characterized by powerful, rhythmic vocals, slap-pop funk bass lines, wailing guitar solos, and pounding drums. Each member has a diverse musical back round. Adam has participated in musical theater as well as previous rock bands, Paul can boast of an impressive punk and jam band background along with theater, while Sam has played in jazz trios and symphonies. As for the drummer, the kit is actually Seth's third musical voice, after the piano and the marimbas. These diverse histories merge to create the rythmic explosion known as the Crush League 7.
Paul and Seth grew up together in the small town of Dillon, Montana. A mutual friend introduced Paul to Sam at a rock concert and the idea of a rock project was conceived. The three began jamming and writing songs while attending the University of Montana and after several lineup changes, they finally stumbled upon the very gifted Adam Shulte. The final gear in place, the quartet set out bringing their music to the world.


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Set List

1. Cancer
2. Clouds
3. Champion
4. Long ride
5. Mickeys method
6. False prophet
7. Scurry on
8. Chaser
9. Plethora of soul
10. Right to choose
11. Good to bleed
12. Chaotic Masterpiece
13. Rosaline
14. My High
15. Strikeout
16. The Ocean (Led Zeppelin)
17. Say it Ain’t So (Weezer)
18. Alive with Glory of Love (Say Anything)
19. Badfish (Sublime)
20. Hey Ya (Outkast)
21. Little Martha (Allman Brothers)
22. The March