The Crux

The Crux


The Crux are known throughout Sonoma County for their stage theatrics, engaging lyrics, and broad range of musical styles. Their songs encompass jazz, blues, gospel, country, klezmer, and pirate tunes. Their music is fun to dance to and their lyrics are entertaining and thought-provoking.


The Crux began in 2006 as a musical project that sought to (a) compose new songs that felt old and (b) to produce an entertaining, carnival-like feeling at their shows. They were inspired by the music of Tom Waits, Andrew Bird's Bowl of Fire, the plays of Bertolt Brecht, and folk songs from many cultures. Filling a special musical niche in Sonoma County's underground music scene, the band was soon one of the most sought after acts for house shows, barn shows, and community events. The past few years has seen the group making short tours in Northern California and playing many shows in their home turf of Sonoma County.

An important thing to keep in mind with The Crux is that they have worked very hard to create a community around their music. They have used their performances to benefit many local organizations and to help distribute a community newsletter that they produce themselves. For two years, The Crux have organized a small, three-day music festival called "The Insect Carnival" during Labor Day weekend. Their passion and involvement in their community sets them apart from many bands, and they have been rewarded with a strong following and some very special gigs.

In the Spring of 2007, they opened for John Courage at his CD release party at Petaluma's Phoenix Theater. In the summer of 2007, The Crux were the subject of a documentary called "Pharmakon." In the Winter of 2007, they opened for The Devil Makes Three, also at The Phoenix. In the Fall of 2008, The Crux were honored to play the main stage at The Hand Car Regatta in Railroad Square. Since then, the band has been focused on producing its first full-length album.

While working on the album, The Crux won the Bohemian's 2008 North Bay Music Award for Best Indie Band. In December, they were named one of the "Top 10 Live Shows of 2008" by associate editor of the Bohemian, Gabe Meline ( Now, with the album finished, The Crux are ready to start performing regularly once again!


Now, Ferment (full length album). Reviewed in The North Bay Bohemian. Check it out under "Press."

Pharmakon (DVD). A documentary of the North Bay music scene in 2007. Focuses on The Crux, with lots of live footage.

Set List

A typical set list at a Crux show is a potpourri of styles, songs, and stories. Their songs typically run 3-6 minutes and range from stomping rags to mournful ballads. In between songs, they often provide entertaining banter and theatrics. It is not unheard of to see the band in costume, or to see giant puppets or flags being waved at their shows. The Crux can play for over an hour (and we would love to play for as long as possible).