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The Crux

Peterborough, Ontario, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2009 | SELF

Peterborough, Ontario, Canada | SELF
Established on Jan, 2009
Band Rock Alternative


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"The Crux - New and Improved"

Local rock band The Crux are back! Since parting ways with their lead singer last year, the band’s been a bit quiet, but they’ve returned with a new singer, a new sound, and a new EP. I checked out The New Crux at The Spill last week, and then sat down with the band to talk transitions and the future.

A little while ago, Dallas DeCarlo, bass player for local rock band The Crux, contacted ECL and invited me to come out to one of their shows. The Crux have been around the local scene for years now, and they always deliver a killer live show – but it seems like I haven’t heard their name floating around quite as much recently, so I eagerly agreed. The show was Saturday, November 23, at The Spill as part of Pet Rock Radio’s Stop A Bully benefit, also featuring I The Mountain, Tripsonix, Gavin Slate, and Jessie Pollett. The Crux didn’t disappoint, with one of the night’s best sets – heavy, groovy, and fantastic rock. They looked rested, happy, and confident on stage. Indeed, you’d hardly know they’ve been out of commission for so long.

After the band’s set, I sat down with DeCarlo, guitarist Andrew Anderson, and new vocalist and lyricist Kimber Cavanagh, to ask them about what they’ve been up to. We started with a bit of Crux history. The group came together in 2009, and by 2011, they were getting some serious recognition. They won The Wolf’s Rockquest and were named a band to watch in 2012. Indeed, by 2012, the band was playing Indie Week Toronto and Wolfstock, and they had three nominations and a stellar performance at The Wire Awards. They played alongside heavy hitters like Hollerado, Big Sugar, Wide Mouth Mason, and Gentlemen Husbands – and then suddenly, nothing.

The Crux at The Spill“I think as band progresses, you’re trying to find your sound and figure out what you’re trying to do,” DeCarlo explains. “And sometimes that means making some changes along the way.” In The Crux’s case, following some “creative and artistic differences,” the group’s original lead singer left the band. “Obviously the last time you saw us live [in 2012] we had a different singer. Very different.”

The new singer, Kimber Cavanagh, pipes in: “Ya, testicles!”

It was about four months of searching before the band found Cavanagh. (Longtime Peterborough music aficionados may recognize her as lead singer and guitarist for indie pop-rock band Peacock.) When you talk to Cavanagh off-stage, she’s got a bright, brash, slightly goofy personality – and she’s the exact same on stage, cracking jokes and strutting around the stage like she owns the place. You’d be forgiven for thinking the rest of The Crux joined her band late, instead of the other way around. She’s also got a great voice, strong and soulful. For someone whose background is indie-pop, her voice seems tailor-made for the cool, bluesy rock sound of The Crux. “I think what has always worked well with The Crux is that we’ve each got a bit of a different background,” explains DeCarlo. “We pride ourselves on the fact that we can mesh three or four different sounds into our own unique flavour. And Kimber’s just that little something different that seems to work really well. It’s cool. We like it.”

And yet, still, there was a period of adjustment, rejigging songs to fit the new (and female) lead singer. “I really didn’t even know what to expect,” says Cavanagh. “It’s a different style of music than I’m accustomed to playing, so it was a really crazy learning experience for sure. But everybody made me feel super comfortable, so for that perspective, it was really easy.”

The Crux's new self-titled EPThe next step for the band was a brand-new self-titled EP, recorded by James McKenty at The Narrows Recording Studio and released in October 2013 – though, as the band admits, it’s almost more of a demo, a proof-of-concept of the strength of Crux 2.0. But it’s certainly compelling proof. The EP starts with “Gifted Child,” which has a fantastic driving rock rhythm and sound that’s reminiscent of the classic heavy rock bands like Led Zeppelin and Cream. Then it’s the eerie, mysterious hook of “Coming For You,” a song that will stick with you for days. And the album closes off with “Burning Bridges,” a song of defiant independence, confidence, and giving a big kiss-off and good-riddance to mistakes of the past (hmm, wonder why the band would have any reason to be in that mood….).

And there’s more to come. When you talk to the band about the EP, which was only recorded in May, they talk about it like it was ages ago. “We’ve got quite a few new tunes now that we’re really looking forward to recording,” says DeCarlo. “I think they’re probably better songs, actually.”

That seems to be the name of the game for the band now – more writing, more recording, and more shows. “I know the band had great momentum before,” says Cavanagh, “but you drop out of the scene for so long, you get replaced by different bands. We almost have to start back at the beginning again, build it back up and see if anyone likes it. So we’re keeping our fingers crossed. I hope it works, cause we’re having fun!”

You can hear two of the songs from The Crux’s new EP on Soundcloud: “Gifted Child” and “Coming For You,” both available as free downloads.

The Crux are next playing live in Toronto, at the Horseshoe Tavern on January 2. Watch the band’s official website for updates about upcoming dates in town. - Electric City Live

"Top 5's: Peterborough bands to watch in 2012"

Continuing the Top 5’s, this time we take a look at my Top 5 Peterborough and area bands to watch out for in 2012. All of the bands on this list have made an appearance on the 5 Minutes of New Rock in the past year. So with each one I won’t spend much time explaining why they are on the list. Click the link below each entry to hear more about the band and some of their music.


The Crux

The Crux were out 2011 RockQuest Champions and have used that momentum to play a countless number of shows this year, record a new EP and build the fan base of the band. With the base they have developed I think 2012 will be good for them.

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Lindsay Barr Band

Although Lindsay has been playing Peterborough for a number of years, I only finally caught one of her shows just recently. What struck me right away about her was the stage show. Lindsay is the definition of a performer, which will draw in even the most casual fan of the Blues Rock inspired music she performs.

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I’ve know these guys for a long time (in fact I went to High School with Arran, Ryan and Will). Four guys who are the definition of solid musicians and cranking out some great songs. They are building this band into something big, one show at a time.

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Express and Co.

Melissa Payne and Dylan Ireland, otherwise known as Express and Co., are tons of fun to watch and listen too. Their contemporary take on tradition roots music is going to continue to build them a devote following of fans. Even the most causal of music fan will be won over by their sound. I hope to see them hitting the road in 2012 and building their presence across the country.

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Before The Curtain

The biggest buzz band in Peterborough of 2011? Yep, and there’s a reason for that. Before the Curtain are building a rock mega stardom base. With Adam Gontier from Three Days Grace at the helm, they are not content to go unnoticed Their goal is to be stadium filling rock stars. And why not want it all?

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"5 Minutes of New Rock"

For this edition it’s PTBO boys The Crux. The Crux will be hitting the stage for the 5 Minutes of New Rock Party September 23rd at The Historic Red Dog with The Birthday Boys and Seed. These guys are all about no nonsense guitar driven rock. And it’s kind of refreshing to hear guitars dominate a song. For The 5MONR, we hear It’s Empty from their debut EP. - The Wolf 101.5 Peterborough


Still working on that hot first release.



The Crux blasts a mashup of rock, indie pop, and blues. What do we sound like, do you ask? Well imagine what would happen if Blondie, AC/DC, the Foo Fighters, and the Ramones started a band.

The Crux released their first 4 song EP 1.0 in June 2010 to a packed house with great reviews. In 2010 saw The Crux make their way across The Kawarthas making noise and making fans.

Things started to happen in 2011; Derek Weatherdon join the lineup adding a shot of cool, freaky guitar, The Crux was named one of the top 5 bands to watch for in 2012 by The Wolf 101.5FM, headlined shows, played The Horseshoe and The Drake, opened for touring acts, won a major radio station competition, received their first radio airplay, and releasing there second 5 song EP, Soul Pollution. The Crux also appeared on their first festival stage, Wolfstock, one of the largest outdoor festivals in eastern Ontario, sponsored by The Wolf 101.5 FM in Peterborough, opening for Wide Mouth Mason and Big Sugar. 

In 2012 The Crux was back at The Horseshoe Tavern, playing a bunch of festivals and playing a packed house at the Wire Awards after being nominated in several categories. It all sounds so good doesn't it,  but they walked away empty handed and thats when things got weird. Not liking the kind of weird which ensued, The Crux had a good shakeup and recruited Kimber Cavanagh from Peacock as their new lead singer. With Kimber came a lyrical and melodic overhaul of many of the existing songs and in the process they ended up writing a bag full of new ones - now, everyone is happy - especially the audience. 

The Crux has shared the stage, playing with many major label and national touring acts such as Big Sugar, Hollerado, The Gentlemen Husbands, See Spot Run, Whos Army, The Spades, Wide Mouth Mason, Bleeker Ridge, The Paper Lions, The Birthday Boys, Glen Matlock ( The Sex Pistols), and many more, as well as playing at many killer venues.

Stay tuned 'cause 2014 is shaping up to be a very cool one for the band.


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