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Freehold, New Jersey, United States | INDIE

Freehold, New Jersey, United States | INDIE
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"I-BFD Selects The Cryers as May Artist of the Month!"

The International Beatles Freak Day team has selected the classic rock band The Cryers to receive the honor of being named I-BFD Artist of the Month for May 2008! The Cryers’ play an eclectic and diverse set of originals and classics, including covers of the Beatles. In addition to backing British Invasion artists such as Terry Sylvester (formerly of The Hollies), they brought Denny Laine (Wings) to Abbey Road on the River last year.
Based out of New Jersey, The Cryers – made up of Joe Orlando, Belle Liao, Jeff Brown and Tommy Seesellburg – have been performing since 1991 throughout the U.S. and Canada. When they haven’t been touring, this band has been busy working on their latest CD, titled "Rock 'N Roll Holiday", due out sometime this summer. Until then, you can catch them here, performing at Abbey Road on the River, Friday May 23rd through Sunday May 25th. For more information, their schedule and to hear some of the band’s fantastic sounds be sure to check out their website or at
Upon hearing that they were the recipients of this award, the band was quoted as saying, "We are truly honored to be chosen as AOTM for I-BFD. While we are not a Beatles Tribute band, we owe a great deal to The Fab Four. Our very existence and the existence of all of the Artists of today come from the wonderful era of Yeah Yeah Yeah and the incredible explosion of Freedom and Creativity that The Beatles were the catalysts for. One of the things that makes The Beatles music so interesting for us as musicians, is the fact the they wrote very good songs. When you write a good song, the possibilities for interpretation are endless, and for The Cryers that is an open door to our creative expression. Freedom and Creativity is what The Beatles were about. The Cryers will continue to carry on that tradition of Freedom and Creativity. We hope that you'll join us on that journey. Again, thank you for choosing us. Did we mention also, that The Beatles aside from being great songwriters, were a damn good rock 'n roll band?"
Band members Joe Orlando and Belle Liao also co-own Monmouth Academy of Musical Arts,, which offers individual instruction rooms, a group classroom, recital room, recording and rehearsal studio in addition to music education for all levels and interests. The Cryers are dedicated to teaching and promoting the love of music to the next generation, and as such, proceeds from the band help support the Academy. The I-BFD team is proud to feature such an exceptional band that is giving back to the musical community in so many ways!
The I-BFD team loves Beatles Freaks of all types - musicians and bands included. That’s why each month they select their favorite cover or tribute band and give them the main stage on the I-BFD homepage. Do you know an exceptionally talented band or artist that successfully brings the music of the Fab Four to life? I-BFD would LOVE to hear from you! Just go to and click on Artist of the Month for the chance to be featured.
I-BFD is an organization created to promote International Beatles Freak Day, January 14th - a day for “Beatles Freaks” around the world to celebrate the greatest band that the world has ever known. For more about International Beatles Freak Day and other Fab Four resources, games and forums, be sure to check out the Official International Beatles Freak Day website,, or contact
To contact The Cryers visit their website, or write to For Booking inquires please contact Joe Orlando at 732.740.4756. Questions on promotion, contact Grace Swedberg at 847.207.2095. -

"A Fabulous Tribute to the British Invasion ~ Fab 42"

By Maureen Shames

Imagine these famous rock and roll artists stopping in at your local diner! They are pictured here at The Manalapan Diner in Manalapan, New Jersey in the early spring of 2006. They were in the Garden State thanks to The Cryers’ Joseph Orlando, who organized The Fab 42 Spectacular at the Crossroads Theater in New Brunswick. Pictured from left to right: Ian Mitchell of The Bay City Rollers, Joey Molland of Badfinger, Joe Orlando of The Cryers and Denny Laine of Wings and The Moody Blues.

It was arguably the most uplifting rock 'n roll spectacular of the year.

“Fab 42 Rock n’ Roll Spectacular” celebrated the 42nd anniversary that The Beatles played at Carnegie Hall.

It certainly was a thrill to see a line-up starring, The Cryers along with Billy J. Kramer, Denny Laine, Joey Molland and Ian Mitchell at the Crossroads Theatre located in New Brunswick, NJ on April 7.

The small venue had a remarkably intimate vibe. The artists were all highly energetic, charismatic and responsive to the audience. The timing of the show could not be beat because it was one week following The Fest for Beatle Fans in Secaucus, New Jersey. The audience was hungry again for live rock.

Joe Orlando, an owner of Monmouth Academy of Musical Arts (MAMA) in Marlboro, New Jersey receives high marks because he dreamed up the idea for the “Fab 42 Rock n’ Roll Spectacular.” Then, Orlando worked his magic to successfully complete the extensive legwork to organize and bankroll this venture. As a music director of the Monmouth County-based band The Cryers, Orlando also participated in the performance by warming up the audience along with his band.

In addition, Orlando was able to give a group of students from his music school (MAMA) the opportunity of a lifetime to open for high-profile rock artists. To the delight of the audience, these talented youngsters beautifully performed some great Beatles standards such as “I Want to Hold Your Hand,” and “I Saw Her Standing There.”

"I was interested in organizing a show that would bring a feeling of joy to our audience," Orlando said. "That’s what prompted me to do this. I always believed this was possible and it was a very exciting moment for me to see it come to fruition. We hope to do it again."

Orlando is quite talented as bassist and vocalist in The Cryers. His singing was note perfect. He is the band’s music director along with Belle Liao, who is a keyboardist and vocalist. Liao’s high energy dancing adds loads of fun to the mix. The remainder of the band includes Jeff Brown on vocals and guitar, Adam Glenn on keyboards and Bob Payne on drums.

Orlando prefaced "Twenty Flight Rock" with the famous tale of how it opened the door for Paul McCartney to join The Beatles because his ability to play it on guitar as a teenager so impressed John Lennon. The Cryers played many songs, but a nod especially goes to their rendition of the rock classic “Shake, Rattle and Roll!”

Some extraordinary moments peppered an evening that included many Beatles tunes and all sorts of goodies from the British Invasion.

Bay City Roller Ian Mitchell played several songs and was quite charismatic and gutsy appearing on stage donning a kilt. Mitchell actually welcomed audience members on-stage to join him in singing his chart-topping hit "Saturday Night." Mitchell puts on a fun-filled show, so it is a treat when he travels from California to the East Coast to perform.

Billy J. Kramer gave an inspired performance, and it was most interesting when he spoke about The Beatles. He spoke tenderly about his dear friend, the late George Harrison, and followed this with the special Traveling Wilbury hit "Handle Me with Care." Kramer gave this song his heart and soul and he has a strong stage presence. He is a high-energy performer and quite personable.

Denny Laine was rockin’, just as expected given the current rumor-mill buzz. Just imagine the extensive list of songs he can draw from in a career that includes Wings and The Moody Blues. Laine was in wonderful form, playing hit songs from Wings such as "Band On The Run" and "Live and Let Die." A highlight was when he played the beloved Moody Blues hit "Go Now."

Joey Molland gave a thrilling performance and his standout moment had to be Badfinger’s hit, "Come and Get It.” Molland truly mesmerized the audience with a larger than life personality, a funny sense of humor and by playing many songs from rock history.

Rev. Greg Schmidt of UMRK Web Radio announced each act with great excitement. He is known for having an extensive knowledge of rock, particularly The British Invasion and The Beatles. Schmidt has programs on UMRK Web Radio on Tuesday and Saturday evenings, so tune in and try to challenge him with a request.

In closing the show, the musicians all joined together on stage to sing a moving "Hey Jude.” The audience was welcomed on the stage once again and this enhanced the tremendous feeling of togetherness.

As the crowd exited the building, it was clear that our spirits had been lifted. Orlando’s wish to bring joy to the audience had come true on this magical evening. Fab 42 was not just fabulous, it was spectacular.

Here’s to the next Beatles related rock spectacular! -

"Winging solo ~ The Cryers Support Denny Laine in Vienna"

By Timothy Tilghman

Legendary musician Denny Laine appeared at Jammin' Java in Vienna, Virginia, on Sunday, July 29, 2007. The Cryers, a quartet from New Jersey, joined Laine on stage as his backing band. It's rare to catch Denny Laine in an intimate setting, and his performance was not to be missed.

Casually walking out on stage after his introduction, Laine stated confidently, "We're gonna do some of my Wings songs", to a round of enthusiastic applause. His set began with the strong rocker, "Time To Hide", embellished by harmonica solos from Laine.

Laine prefaced the material, chatting about the origin of each song. His insights into a stellar musical past, earthy humor and engaging quips kept the audience in laughter. "No Words", Laine's first co-authored composition with McCartney, showcased the dual guitars of Laine and Brown. Orlando sang the bridge vocal at which Denny said, "Thank you Paul".

"Deliver Your Children", one of five McCartney-Laine tunes recorded for London Town in 1978, highlighted Brown on acoustic guitar. Laine went on to share a tale of being in Las Vegas meeting Tom Jones. His moral was, "Don't take drugs, just drink yourself to bleeding death". He added it was something he learned during his tenure in Wings.

Turning back time, Laine sang a moving version of "Go Now", lifted by Liao's keyboards. This signature song from his days with the Moody Blues received immediate approval from the crowd. Laine scored a smash hit, singing lead on the single with the Moody Blues in 1965, before forming Wings with Paul & Linda McCartney in 1971.

Laine mentioned getting stuck in the mud while wearing Wellies for a Back To The Egg video shoot before launching into his final Wings recording "Again And Again And Again". Laine, Brown and Orlando harmonized together on this, which really rocked the Vienna club.

Laine spoke of collaborating with Paul on the lyrics for "Mull Of Kintyre" and that Scottish comedian Billy Connelly voiced his dissatisfaction to him. Reaching a major moment in concert, The Cryers rose to the occasion supporting Laine on this 1977 masterpiece as he encouraged the audience to sing along during the chorus.

The Cryers arrangement of "Live And Let Die" worked exceedingly well live sans all of the pyrotechnic tricks that Macca employs on stage to perform this song. Although more rock than reggae, their bridge segue was brief before the band spiked the volume once again. The dramatic power bursts were cool, which preceded the extended climactic jam.

Reminiscing about recording in Nigeria during 1973, Laine remarked he was proud of the Band On The Run album. He sang the title song in another impressive arrangement from The Cryers. Liao's synth playing, Brown's bottle neck leads and Seeselberg's drum solo had the fans animated in the audience. The ensuing crescendo jam left everybody clamoring for more.

Laine commented, "Thank you, see you later", as he exited the stage without returning for an encore. He was eager to greet all of the fans that remained after the performance to shake his hand and offer praise on the concert. Laine signed all of the musical memorabilia presented before him, with several fans hopping back in line for multiple autographs.

The Cryers opened for Laine, mixing original songs with a collection of golden oldies. Bassist Joe Orlando and guitarist Jeff Brown handle lead vocals. Keyboardist Belle Liao and drummer Tommy Seeselberg are essential members, fueling the sound of the group. The Cryers announced the release of their new self-titled CD, featuring six original compositions.

Vienna setlist: Time To Hide * No Words * Deliver Your Children * Go Now * Again And Again And Again * Mull Of Kintyre * Live And Let Die * Band On The Run

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The Cryers (Self-Titled Album) �The Cryers 2007

1. You're Gonna Lose That Girl
(John Lennon - Paul McCartney) 2:32
2. Be Bop A Lula (Gene Vincent) 2:54
3. Don't Want To Lose You Yet (Steve Earl) 3:12
4. Back To Me (Joe Orlando) 3:09
5. Vagabond (Jeff Brown) 3:02
6. Uptown (Roy Orbison -Joe Melson) 3:29
7. When The Stars Go Blue (Ryan Adams) 4:15
8. We Could Try Again (Jeff Brown) 4:15
9. Inside Of Me (Joe Orlando) 3:45
10. Shine On (Jeff Brown) 3:10
11. Tough Way (Joe Orlando) 3:12
12. Year Of The Cat (Al Stewart) 6:17



THE CRYERS have been performing since 1991, throughout the U.S.A. & Canada, as well as their home base of NJ/NY. The band's sound is based deep within the roots of Rock 'n Roll. It features a solid beat, captivating harmonies, and powerfully written songs. Along with their original material, the band performs with gutsy exuberance, tunes from the multifaceted roster of Rock 'n Roll, breathing new life into timeless classics as well as contemporary songs from the cutting edge. Sid Berstein, the man responsible for bringing the Beatles to America, calls this band �Magical!�

The band's unique �rootsy� sound originates from the songwriting talents of bassist/vocalist Joe Orlando and guitarist/vocalist Jeff Brown. They are dynamically supported by keyboardist/vocalist Belle Liao and drummer Tommy Seesellberg. Orlando�s powerful, soothing voice and melodic bass lines, influenced by the early days of Rock 'n Roll, are complimented nicely by Brown�s seasoned vocals and gritty guitar sound chiseled from the Rock 'n Roll bedrock of the 60�s and 70�s. Liao�s sweet harmonies and classically trained keys are the icing on top, and the hard rockin� beat of Seesselberg, drives the sound home with one of the strongest two and fours in the business, honed from his days on the road performing with Rock Star Legends.

The Cryers have performed at premiere venues such as the The Rams Head in Annapolis, Maryland, The Cutting Room in New York, New York, Glen Allen Cultural Arts Center, Glen Allen, Virginia, Westside Concert Theater in Hamilton, Ontario, Buskirk-Chumley Theater, Bloomington, Indiana, Count Basie Theatre in Red Bank, New Jersey, Manasquan's Algonquin Arts Theatre, the Brookdale Performing Arts Center, as well as other numerous concert venues, casino�s and events around the continent.

In addition to their own performance schedule, The Cryers can be seen performing classic hits with headlining acts such as Denny Laine founder of The Moody Blues and original member of Wings, Terry Sylvester formerly of The Hollies and Ian Mitchell of The Bay City Rollers. The band has toured or performed with many notable musicians, including The Pete Best Band, Laurence Juber, world class fingerstylist and former Wings lead guitarist, Jefferson Starship, Peter and Gordon, Indie singer/songwriter Vienna Teng, Joey Molland of Badfinger, Eric Burdon and The Animals, Billy J. Kramer, Connie Francis, Gary Lewis and the Playboys, Mark Lindsay of Paul Revere and the Raiders, The Tokens, Bobby Lewis, The Platters, The Coasters, The Drifters and more.

In 2007, the band released the self-titled CD �The Cryers� to rave reviews, and are currently working on their sophomore effort, set to be released later this year. You can follow the band's current happening�s at (

Cryers Joe Orlando and Belle Liao also co-own the Monmouth Academy of Musical Arts ( Not only is the Academy a place of musical education, it boasts a state-of-the-art recording studio and an intimate 80 seat Recital Hall where The Cryers host their signature "Living Room" concerts.

In keeping with the core philosophy of The Cryers, Love, Joy, Peace and Purpose Through Music�, a portion of the Band's proceeds goes straight back to the Academy. Giving back to our global community, by teaching and promoting the love of music.