The Crying Shame

The Crying Shame


The Crying Shame's sound is described as gothic/orchestral/folk/rock/Americana. The band combines elements of country, blues, classical and rock around literate and compelling songwriting.


The Crying Shame was formed by Arlan and Dylan as an acoustic guitar and cello duo in Bellingham, Wa . 2001. Their music was influenced heavily by old country, blues, Lou Reed and Beethoven, with some punk thrown in for good measure. Since then, they've added Eric (Prosser, Delay) on electric guitar, Oliver (Elvi's, Delay) on drums, Teo on violin and Bradford on bass.Their sound is decribed as gothic/orchestral/folk/americana. The Crying Shame have recorded an ep, two full-length cds and are currently in pre-production for a third full-length cd due out in summer of 2009.


The Crying Shame has recorded an EP, two full-length CD and are currently in pre-production for a new CD
summer, '09.