The Cryptkeeper Five

The Cryptkeeper Five

 Trenton, New Jersey, USA

Pssst... Hey, you... Nooo, not you... YOU!!... Yeah, you, with your impeccable taste in music... Wanna know a secret? I think you're going to like this...


We love The MIGHTY Ramones!
We love Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band...
We love both Elvises...
Rocket From The Crypt?
The Misfits? Roy Orbison? Johnny Cash? U2?
What about new Rock and Roll? Do you like new Rock and Roll, you ask?
YUP, We Love The Arcade Fire and Against Me and The Black Keys and Delta Spirit!!! HAIL HAIL ROCK AND ROLL

The Cryptkeeper Five, from Trenton New Jersey, have drawn on influences from all these bands and many more to create a sound that can only be considered their own...
The CK5 have toured extensively on the east coast and mid-west in support of several full length releases and have created a loyal cult following both domestically and abroad.
They have been continually featured on CD compilations and have received significant radio airplay. Between 2000 and 2012, they were nominated by the Asbury Park Music Awards in several distinct categories, such as "best live performance", "best avante garde act", "best punk/ska band", "best roots/twang act" and "best garage band". The hard work and many miles have poised them for worldwide notoriety.

As of early October 2014 The Cryptkeeper Five have finished recording and are mixing their newest album THE STRONGHOLD. 



Written By: Johnny Ott

we walked with our backs to the wind
never thought to give in
well, maybe that's a lie
we fought through the dark and cold
never to grow old
we've got suicide on our side

we all fell down
and not all of us got back up
it's an awkward sound
the unbeatable cry

i screamed it from broken rooftops
into an endless deep dark night
this freeze makes it easy to breath
but burns a led heart tonight
and i won't sink too fast
and i won't fall too deep
and i won't pass you bye
like a stranger on the street

we all fell down
and not all of us got back up
it's an awkward sound
the unbeatable cry

suicide, suicide
let's sign this suicide pact
do or die, set the sight
pull the trigger on these deadly lies

i'm so god-damn fucking scared
swallow my heart and choke on these dreams
it's do or die, it's suicide


Written By: Johnny Ott

black hearts on the break of dawn
morning sets sight on a cruel world
it kills a lovely night
hang your head and cry
or would you watch it die
would you watch it die

all your dreams and all your hopes
a whole life gone up in bitter smoke
would you spark that blaze
watch all ignite
without a fight
would you watch it die

would you watch it die

i'd put up a fight
I'll put up a fight


Written By: Johnny Ott

a toast to all we've sacrificed
to all things but a long life
here's a toast to all we've left behind
here's a toast to all who fell by the side
here's a toast to all who have come and who have gone
here's a toast to all who left with sad goodbyes

some people think i'm foolish
others think that i am quite brave
i am flat out of options
i'll chase you, baby, even if it leads to to the grave

i just wanna mean something to someone
i just wanna be something, somehow
i just wanna mean what the others meant to me
when i reached out and needed something

i want to make a difference
it may sound simple, but it sure sounds good to me
i've backed myself into this corner
i'm feeling threatened and i'm coming out fighting
bare bones
with nothing to lose
and nothing to prove
this is for me, not you


Written By: Johnny Ott

the writings on the wall
it's bold and it's tall
we are all going to hell
it feels dirty, it feels cold
and it rips at my soul
because i know we're more than half way there

give me pure white light

black hearts worn on sleeves
bad hearts now on their knees
desperate hearts scream out in urgency
shatter silent nights
and hold on tight
to believe we're more than what we may have seemed

give me pure white light
give me pure white light
something to hold me tight
my heart aches and i'm tired
give me pure white light
give me pure white light
we're walking this path blind
we're losing this good fight
give me pure white light
just a spark in the night

i'm on my knees
i'm begging please
come swiftly
swing softly


Written By: Johnny Ott

put em in a body bag
get em to the morgue
lay em on a table where
autopsies are performed
i don't think it was accident
let's see if it was foul play
put em in a body bag
let's see what did them in

let's look inside
let's see just what you're made of
you're gutless, so gutless
and i wondered how
you could be so cruel
well you're heartless, so heartless
bone saw, bone saw cut that skull
i wanna see what goes on in that dome
you're brainless, so brainless
i wish you well empty shell

put em in a body bag


self release - 12 songs

"Darker Days" 2006
Bony Orbit Records - 15 songs

"The Rise of Palace Depression" 2006
Bony Orbit Records - 13 songs

"Pomade, Switchblades and Their God-damn Rock and Roll: A Creature Triple Feature" 2005
Zombie Stomp Records - 13 songs

"Trenton Makes the Cryptkeeper Five" 2002/2004 Peephole Records - 13 songs

"And Their God-damn Rock&Roll" 2000
Deathrock Records - 8 songs

"Pomade & Switchblades" 1999
Deathrock Records - 12 songs

"Dear Dr X... I Wanna Be the Creature" 1998 Deathrock Records - 13 songs

Set List

The CK5's set depends on the night. Ranging from a half hour to three hour-long sets, depending on the venue of the evening. Their catalogue includes 65 originals and 10 covers of which one or two may be played per set. Covers include "Do You Remember Rock & Roll Radio?" by The Ramones, "New Kind of Kick" by The Cramps, "Born to Run" by Bruce Springsteen, "On the Dark Side" by John Cafferty and The Beaver Brown Band, "Rebel Yell" by Billy Idol and the classic "Shout" by the Isley Brothers