The Cubical

The Cubical

 Liverpool, England, GBR

The Cubical are a raucous psychedelic blues band based in Liverpool. Their debut album (produced by Dave Sardy) was released in Sep and lapped up by the critics. Having already toured all over the world and tipped by the music press for big things, The Cubical are certainly ones to watch


The Cubical are based in Liverpool and have spent the last few years building up a reputation as one of the Europe's best live bands and have an ever growing cult following. The Cubical sound is one that is essentially based in Blues, but like Captain Beefheart, Zappa and Tom Waits before them they twist it around and shake it up and inevitably end up with something altogether a little weirder. A Cubical live show is an assault on the senses; not only can you not take your eyes off the chaos and dancing of the 6 foot five Wilson (a captivating performer and sensational lyricist) , indefatigable Gavaghan and charismatic hardman Green but the interwoven Telecaster twang, wailing harmonica, incessant pounding bass and drums an all topped off by one of the gruffest and most distinctive blues howls since the wolf himself, ensures that you can’t help but be drawn into the hypnotic swamp blues intensity. Their debut album Come Sing These Crippled Tunes was recorded at Sunset Sound Studio, Hollywood and produced by the Grammy award winning Dave Sardy (Oasis, Johnny Cash, Primal Scream, Marilyn Manson), an early admirer of the band. The album was lapped up by the critics (see press below) and their highly anticipated follow up It Ain't Human is out in October 2011. The Cubical have toured all over the world taking in the USA, Australia, Germany, Norway, France, Spain, Ireland, Holland, Czech Republic along the way playing alongside the likes of Bob Dylan, Kiss, The Black Lips, Blondie, Chris Issak and The Magic Band to name but a few. Catch The Cubical in a town near you soon, you wont be disappointed.

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'Guitars clang and the bass and drums shuffle just right enough to raise the ghost of Willie Dixon, track down Captain Beefheart circa Safe As Milk and have a chat wtih The La's. And the singers raspy vocal might just shatter your lightbulbs' - (Mojo)

"Wilson makes Waits sound like Tiny Tim" (The Guardian)

"Ever wondered what might happen if Tom Waits and The Rolling Stones got together for an old fashioned jam and Nick Cave stopped by to bum a cigarette? This is one of the most vital records of the year, The Cubical may just be your new favourite band. 4.5 /5" (Sydney Morning Herald -Australia)

'Impressive debut' 4/5- (Guitarist Magazine)

'An amalgamation of blues, soul, garage, free jazz and psychedelia... A truly wonderful album and a highlight of the year so far' - (Artrocker)

'If you like your rock'n'roll primal and pounding, and your vocals gritty and growly, then meet Liverpool's answer to the Magic Band' – (The Guardian)

"The rumble of Great White Lie is enough to make a listener fear divine retribution, hide the children and close the curtains." (spin magazine)

"A frighteningly good album . 9/10." (Music News)

“Mind-warpin’ mutated blues. Don’t let it pass you by.” (Shindig)

'The key difference between The Cubical and the other thousand odd Beefheart / Waits acolytes, is that they actually pull off this primal, experimental form of rock 'n' roll with considerable poise' - (Drowned in Sound)

'A trembling and yet raucous collection of songs... Think Tom Waits mixed with Detroit Cobras into the heady cocktail. Lovely stuff.' 4/5- (Big Cheese Mag)

“Compared to other Liverpool bands, they stand out for a mile as the demented, disheveled, brilliant band they are.” (The Fly)

"The rumble of Great White Lie is enough to make a listener fear divine retribution, hide the children and close the curtains." (spin magazine)


Great White Lie

Written By: Dan Wilson


Take that guilty path
History clicking photographs
The rustling of backpacks
Like tears from rusty taps
Get your cameras ready
Bible hand so steady
Teach yourself remorse
Teach yourself remorse

Take your chance to get away in the night.

Towers line the sky
Scouring for a dry eye
Thumbing through your page
Busying your grave
Searching for the inhumane
Barren tears stain
Moved from scene to scene
Moved from scene to scene

Take your chance to get away in the night
Or that great white lie will surely whisper

From the tower to the synagogue
There were locusts
The Engineer to the Demi-God
There were locusts
And I came to fan no flames
And I appropriate no blame
The cold tiles sanitised
Under systematic skies
The blood, the mess
The ground was blessed
The SS, The Officer’s Mess
Take your poor foundations dear
And throw them on the fire
You came, you saw, you crumbled
And waved along desire


Edward the Confessor

Written By: Dan Wilson


Oh I’ve seen them all
Though none I’ve claimed
Why are they calling out my name?
Your little finger tips
That tiny silhouette
Went waltzing out the picture frame

Get on your hands and knees
Don’t bother saying please
I never came in with the breeze

And no-one told me I could play
And I walk your streets so down and dirty every day.

They taught you to forget
Your basic alphabet
Even your sandcastle is wet
I’ll wear my hornets nest
I promise I’ll make a mess
But like Edward I’ll confess

Oh no pay the price
With such saintly virtue
I never said I was without vice


Drink your spirit wine
I’ll make that spirit mine
I’ll take but forty nights
In wilderness’s arms
Come back and show my worth
With my beacon burning
I never promised you the earth

And no one told me I could play
No one told me I could slay

Wave goodbye to a happy life
Kiss goodbye to wifey wife
May that spirit cut you like a knife.

Like Me I'm A Peacock

Written By: Dan Wilson


You never even liked me
How the hell you understand thee?
Did you see me in Southampton?
Fine performance as Hamlet
If you only took the time
I have a soft and sensitive side
Have you seen me on ice?
Have you seen me on ice?

Like me, I’m your peacock
Like me, I’m in your age group
Like me, I’m a regular Joe
And I’ll hit you from below

You never even liked me
I’m the dingle in the dangle
I’m available in manga
I’m the kind you hanker after
I believe I have geltung
I believe I have geltung
I’m on the tip of your tongue
I’m on the tip of your tongue

Like me, I had a troubled youth
Like me, I’ll tap dance for you
Like me, I’m deep and profound
Put me back in the box
It’s back in the box for me.

How can you stop what you can’t ascertain?
I’ll be that fading icon lighting up your runway
Take a stripe off me now baby, I’m all you own
Buy a share in me kind sir when you’re feeling all alone

You never even liked me
And I stand for family values
I’m the rumbling in your tummy
The ventriloquist’s dummy
I’m your first love, your mortgage,
Your dog and your priest
I’m the artist recently deceased
I’m your coupon, your token
Gift horse whilst stocks last
I put in the eye in the looking glass

Like me, I’m your leader
Like me I’m your last minute deal
Like me, I’m your Key Stage Three
Put me back in the box
It’s back in the box for me.


Great White Lie EP (2007)
Record Collection records

Come Sing These Crippled Tunes (2009)

Dead Young Records (UK)
Record Collection (USA)
FUSE (Australia / NZ)

Set List

Great White Lie
Edward The Confessor
Walking Around Like Jesus
In The Night
Like Me Im A Peacock
Baby Dont Treat Me Bad
Something New
Lay Your Love Down
Poison Pen
Woman I Need Your Love
West End Road
Willy Mcgrath