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God's Country

Written By: Richard H. Nickell / William G. Leverty

Verse 1

When I was near about seven years old
My daddy told me what was livin' in my soul
Then he told me to take a look around my world.
Then he showed me what God had made.
There was a special meaning to what he said
I never told you son, but this is what it's all about.


This is God's Country
This is God's Country
When you know what you know and you're at where you're at
The American Dream it's as simple as that.
Here in God's Country
This is God's Country

Verse 2

Then he said this is the thing about things.
It ain't about borders, flag, or even politics.
It only matters what you feel inside your heart.
If for no other reason but to make sure I knew, he said...
There's nothin' better than the things that we do.
For as long as I live I will never forget
it's a simple thing, and I'm here to attest.

Repeat Chorus


Ever since I wandered off
It was with me all the way.
Every time I think of him
I remember what he said.