The Cunning Linguists

The Cunning Linguists


The Cunning Linguists perform a unique blend of rock, blues, folk and other random genres forged into a progressive, punchy, energetic mix of music with lyrics that range from funny to dark commentaries on life. We are storytellers and artists, painting pictures with our songs.


A cunning person is considered to be clever, inventive, resourceful, ingenious or crafty. A linguist is a polyglot. One who speaks or writes in several languages. Thus as The Cunning Linguists, we are "clever speakers" using multiple genres and styles of music to communicate the story to the listener. Influences include everything you've probably ever heard. Celtic folk, old 1930's blues, Texas swing, 1950s rock, British invasion, whatever. We've heard alot of it over the years. The Cunning Linguists are not trying to emulate a particular genre, or style. We don't plan on sounding like other bands. Where is the fun in doing that? We are just being ourselves. We utilize multiple genres to tell the story. Any of our songs can have multiple styles interwoven within it. The listener gets to choose what genre we might be. But hold on because the next song will be completely different. The age of the band members, over 100 years combined playing experience with many genres provides us with the insight on life to compose. We've been around the block musically. These elements separate us apart from other bands. We've come together through fate. We were not looking to form a band. It just happened. And like the band, our music just happens.


Don Barron, performing as a solo artist, recorded a single which was released on Comstock Records in 1980. The song "Apology" was played extensively on radio and reached as high as number 27 on northeast region charts. The song played on air an estimated 2500 times. In the early 90s Don recorded a CD under the band name "Blind Dog" with two other Kansas City area musicians. One song off the CD, "Empty Promises" was released on a compilation disc through Rodell Records. Mark Crocker and Mike Spady recorded and released an independent CD under the band name "The Shakes" in 1986. One of the songs, "One More Man Dead" received airplay on Z-92 FM Omaha. Mark and Mike and guitarist Scott Ferguson, recorded and released two CDs in the late 80s under "The Cunning Linguists." Several songs were featured on college radio in Lincoln, NE. The band has a Myspace website, thecunninglinguists2007 and songs are uploaded and available for listening. The band does not presently have any original music receiving radio airplay. However, we plan on submitting material.

Set List

A typical set list is 12 songs and runs about 50 minutes. The band prefers to play one set as a featured artist. However, we have three distinct themes of material that gives us the ability to play a variety of music venues or do a multi hour club show. We perform only a handful of cover songs. These songs are re-imagined and blend nicely with our original material. We honor Devo, Talking Heads, Bob Dylan, Jimi Hemdrix and Elvis Presley.