The Cur Dogs

The Cur Dogs

 Granville, Ohio, USA

The Cur Dogs consist of songwriters Tal Lohr and Jeff German. Their songs are representative of the Midwestern windswept farmland from which they are born; equal parts visceral and eloquent.


The Cur Dogs

The Cur Dogs dumped all pretense 5 exits back. Led by guitarist Jeff German and front man Tal Lohr, the Cur Dog's songs realize the blue collar America that gets lost as planes fly over and trucks drive by. They paint a musical scene that brings the humor, horror, and triumph that makes the forgotten parts of this country what they are. Disciplined, learned musicianship makes their album and live shows a manifestation of the characters that populate the songs. Seldom does a band seem to inhabit the tradition, character, and personality of their own protagonists, but The Cur Dogs do just that. When you have no pretense, you can be who and what you are, with full abandon.
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"Genuine", "Bona fide". "The Real Thing". These are words that have been used to describe The Cur Dogs. Tal Lohr's voice is as rough as his hands, wrought with the labor and forelorned pain of Midwestern life. Love, loss, double cross and heart-ache are all prominent in his voice and obvious in his demeanour. The Cur Dogs provide snapshots of a life that doesn't always go as planned and often leads to desperation and disappointment.

Tal Lohr, together with friend, writing partner, and lead guitarist Jeff German formed The Cur Dogs in the Fall of 2008. The Cur Dogs are equal parts home-grown ditties and visceral rants. Throttled with the power of three guitars across the front (Tal Lohr, vocals, guitar/,Jeff German/lead guitar, Steve McGann/bass) The Cur Dogs are aptly named; for as a band, they don't bother to bark but go straight to the growl.

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The Cur Dogs debut EP is available on their myspace.

Latest Release "Chasing Tales" available July 2010

Set List

The Cur Dogs play a concert of 45-90 minutes. They play a reptore of 10/15 original songs with covers ranging from Scott Miller/Todd Snider/Little Feet/Neil Young/Chris Knight