The Curfew

The Curfew


We are a three piece band that plays pop punk with an edge. Influenced by bands such as alkaline trio, Jimmy Eat World, and Blink 182, we play melodic music that you can move to.


The Curfew was formed in the summer of 2003 by three kids who all loved playing music. They formed thier own style of punk by mixing together influences from pop punk bands such as Blink 182, Green Day, and Jimmy Eat World, with bands that have a darker, harder edge, such as Alkaline trio, Billy Talent, and Muse. The Curfew will play live anywhere, anytime, for anyone. They pride themselves on having a good live show with lots of energy. At the end of 2005 they agreed to release a cd with the indie punk label Up To Zero Records and it will be available in '06, so be on the lookout for that!



Written By: The Curfew

Time wont stop for me
and we're about to bleed
all over these pages
So hold your tounge
we wont give up untill we're done
with all of your patience

Dont burn your eyes
when the truth is shown
Next time let them hear me say

Wake me when its over
Someday we'll both be older
It's time to lead us on and on and on
Wake me if your willing
It's just my hopes you're killing
Someone to string along and on and on and on and on and on

Drop Dead and ignore us
The trains' leaving tonight
And we're packing your bad dreams
You kissed a stone
Revenge has left us all alone
And I hope that you notice

And we're both out of luck
And my heart's gonna
Rust without you
Rust without you
And We're both sitting ducks
And I dont give a
Fuck about you
Fuck about you
And we're both out of luck
And my hearts gonna
Rust without you
Rust without you


Written By: The Curfew

Jealousy please lend a hand
this tradgedy will never end
It goes to the back of my mind
A warning shot sounds in the dark
To let us know just who we are
A cold bitter rewind

It seems to me
You've got better things to do
Than be with me
And theres nothing left to prove
And I hope the stakes were high enough
Cause if you fall you wont get back up
Believe in me its all I have to lose

And if it ever comes to this
Take this curse just like a gift
And keep it close
Better yet im better off
Follow me now while iI get lost
Inside you again

So Long

Written By: The Curfew

Story never heard
Memorys' a blur
Travel through my past
With time it goes so fast

Drive away from this
When I hit I miss
Questions asked were wrong
They knew it all along

And I've been here before
My days to come are never sure
It's the last time I can feel the
Spotlight taking its toll
And the maps so vauge
But the paths' so long
(so long so long so long so long)

One more step
Over the edge
All that I need
Couldn't save me

Feel it slip away
Lost in another day
To much to late
to hard to change

The writing's on the wall
(A message far from just)
Goodbye and so long
(When there's no one to trust)


5 song Demo-2005

Set List

30-45 min. sets, usually. our songs include -Fast Foreward, Curses, Cemetary, Patience, We're Still Alive, Be Honest, I'm Not Sorry, Eleven Hours, So Long, and we play some covers, Like a Prayer by Madonna, Surrender by Cheap Trick.