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The Curious Incident

Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa | SELF

Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa | SELF
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By Tecla Ciolfi

What do you get when you cross a drama graduate, a Backstreet Boy/Led Zeppelin fan and a shit hot Black Fender Strat named Alexis? Chances are you're going to get something along the lines of threesome The Curious Incident. Armed with their soft-loud technique (a la Pixies), these guys are a delightfully precarious mix of stoner rock 'n roll and dark funk inspired by - amongst many things - travesty, war and l'amour.

Their starting lineup is as follows: Josh (bass and piano), Adrian (lead guitar) and Kyle (vocals and rhythm guitar), but with the position of their illustrious drummer still up for grabs, session drummer Matt seems to have impressively commandeered the reigns thus far. This month sees the launch of their 5-track debut EP Fatal Descriptive Attraction as well as the culmination of an impressive amount of work and dedication on their part. With tracks that flaunt Burtonesque titles like 'Alpaco Stole My Lunchbox' and 'Coming Third in My Own Lookalike Competition' one might feel that they've gotten a little lost in their own ingenuity - there's even a riff that I swear is a revved up portion of a track off the 'Shrek' soundtrack. But front-man Kyle clears up this misconception by stating that even with their slightly off-beat flamboyance they "aim to have enough 'mainstream' appeal so as to not alienate the larger audience." Smart. In an industry where almost every musician has a day job, releasing your EP for free is quite a risky undertaking. But The Curious Incident seem to have a pretty solid support system in the form of TeeJay (New Holland) and his Coffeestainedvinyl studio, all the legends from Marshall Music, and Musica, just to name a few. Needless to say that with this kind of awesome support behind you, it's guaranteed to pay off in one way or another. Kyle explains that "the idea behind the free EP was that we wanted to let people hold our album, hear our music and then make up their own minds as to what they think of us," And as if that wasn't enough, they also plan to release five music videos, one for each track off the EP, in the upcoming months.

With big plans to record and release their full-length album by the end of this year, The Curious Incident seem to have left the door wide open in terms of critical reception and fan appreciation. They've also seemed to have bitten off more than most up-and-coming bands would dare to do with their pipeline workings. Keep an eye peeled for their free EP, available as a download on their website or from a Musica Megastore this month. - Your LMG - #36 APRIL 2010

Interviewed by Sarah Picton from

So The Curious Incident….Who are you?

We are The Curious Incident… without the dog, without the night time

How long have you guys known each other…..and how did it all begin?

The band formed in late 2009 when Kyle convinced Adrian to do this Curious thing properly. Then we got Josh. We like Josh. We had a drummer – great drummer. Less than great band member. Dead now. With a spoon. Hope it didn’t hurt too much.

Musical influences?

Portugal. The Man, Muse, Wolfmother, Queens of the Stone Age, Cold War Kids, Bootsy Collins, James Brown, Taxi Violence, Incubus, The Raconteurs, Arctic Monkeys

And each other .

Describe your sound…?

We’re trying to mash together stoner rock n roll with dark funk while keeping enough soul and melody in there. Hope you like mash.

The new Fatal Attraction album launch coming up – what can we expect to see and hear?

You can expect to hear the 5 tracks that feature on our debut EP – Fatal Descriptive Attraction. We also have a few extra tracks that have never been heard by or played for an audience before that we will be including on our full length album later this year. You can expect to see people on a stage who would not be anywhere else other than right there making music. You can also expect to see brilliant local talent supporting us at our launch shows. Acts playing include Holiday Murray, The Plastics, New Holland, Captain Stu, The Bone Collectors, Markus Wormstorm, Jet Black & The Multicolors and Tommy Gun!

Sick tracks on the album?

We all love playing Alpaco and use it as a little warm up together before we go on stage. It is a close shave but Emphasis on Paralysis is probably the overall favourite. Don’t Catch Me Out is great fun to play as well.

Titles of songs – do they come first, or the lyrics? Also relate that to the melody and the lyrics – or does it evolve naturally?

It varies. For example, Adrian came up with the name “Alpaco Stole My Lunchbox” and Kyle then decided to write lyrics based around that idea (which is about tyranny and freedom of speech etc.) Other times Kyle will come up with an idea or a few lines of a song and work around that. We strongly believe that songwriting equates to storytelling and we aim for the lyrics to hold such a story.

Album name – A Fatal Attraction – anything behind it?

The lyrics to the title track of the album, Fatal Descriptive Attraction, recount the debaucherous nature of people and relate it to classic nursery rhyme characters. “Old Mother Hubbard got some skeletons in her cupboard – where did her husband go?” They lyrics are light-heartedly twisting up the tales we know so well and making them contemporary with today’s woes

What’s next for The Curious Incident?

We’ll be having a large and stirring April with the 4 launch shows in Western Cape. We’ll also be shooting our debut music video for Emphasis on Paralysis. The website should be up and running soon and whoever is not able to get a physical copy of Fatal Descriptive Attraction from Musica or the shows will be able to download it directly from the site. Then we’ll be touring the EP nationally with perhaps a second music video and then we’ll be getting down to working on our full length album due out at the end of 2010!

So stay with these guys, guys! Be a fan on facebook and follow their tweets on twitter. Because we’re here to help them to make Fatal Attraction an incident that must be turned up full volume. - MOOKS.COM

Interview with Melindi de Kock

1. Was die groep se naam ‘n lukrake keuse, of is daar ‘n dieper betekenis agter die naam?

Kyle needed a name for the band and took inspiration from his bookshelf and from one of his favourite novels – The Curious Incident of The Dog In The Nighttime. We are The Curious Incident. Without the dog, Without the nighttime. In the nighttime?

It must be amazing for the author, Mark Haddon, to put himself in the shoes of a 15 year old boy with Asperges Syndrome. We aim to put ourselves in curious shoes so as to write interesting songs and compelling stories ourselves.

2. Vertel n bietjie meer oor die groepslede

Kyle sings and plays rhythm guitar and might very well be the most determined Business Science Graduate to pursue a career in making music for people. When not doing something musical or promoting the band, Kyle is busy expanding his small tutoring/music lesson/au pairing business – King Tut Tutors.

Adrian plays lead guitar and sings backing and has been known to film himself practising his stage antics. One day an unsuspecting crowd will be wowed with showmanship that will rival Cirque Du Soleil. Until then, Adrian shall be studying Law in Matieland.

Josh plays bass, piano and sings backing and is a humble musical prodigy. He plays many instruments rather well (including the accordion) and has a poorly disguised love for long johns. Having completed his degree in Drama at Stellies, he now studies jazz at the Konserve while doing freelance session work in the area. Pow!

? plays drums.

3. Hoe sal julle die groep se klanke beskryf?

We’re trying to mash together stoner rock n roll with dark funk while keeping enough soul and melody in there. Hope you like mash.

4. Wat inspireer die groep as geheel?

There is a very long answer. There is also a very short answer.

The short answer...








Public affairs/Current Events

The long answer – be our fan/friend on facebook and find out (wink)

5. Wat dink julle van die plaaslike musiek scene?

“The Scene” is most definitely on the up and up. The media is getting more and more involved and by doing so is bolstering the image of SA music in the public eye. The public is starting to seriously take an interest in local product and some artists are pushing out ahead of the pack to the point where they can viably compete with the “big internationals”. South Africa has a rich history and is loaded with inspiration. We do not see the well of creativity drying up here anytime soon.

6. Wat lê in die pyplyn voor?

The FREE EP will be launched at shows across the country and 3000 copies will be distributed for free through Musica Megastores outlets. We are already writing new material for the full length album which we hope to have finished by the end of the year so that we can venture on our first international tour towards the end of 2010/early 2011. Mainly the big plan for 2010 is to win over like minded fans and play as much live music as possible.

7. Wil julle n spesifieke boodskap aan die gehoor oordra deur jul lirieke?

We strongly believe that songwriting equates to storytelling and we aim for the lyrics to hold such a story. We like looking at the world with a curious eye and we hope that comes through in the lyrics. For the most part we are looking to write music that makes people feel things – emotional rather than emo J

8. Vertel iets interessants omtrent die groep wat almal wil weet

Hmmm, something everyone wants to cliched fashion our additional band members are our instruments – Alexis, Cortina and Rosie. We also have a song that draws parallels between relationships and Swine Flu. And adrian and Josh have a twisted obsession with La Cucaracha. Interesting?

9. Waar sien julle julself oor 10 jaar?

10 years is a very long time. Kyle aspires to be a touring international muso within the next few years. Adrian and Josh also cannot see their futures without music in them. Time will tell but if all goes well then The Curious Incident might be celebrating its 10 year anniversary of being a band J

10. Enige local of international acts saam met wie julle n stage wil deel/toer?

Portugal. The Man, Muse, Wolfmother, Queens of the Stone Age, The Dead Weather, Cold War Kids, Bootsy Collins, James Brown, Taxi Violence, Incubus, The Raconteurs, Arctic Monkeys, BLK JKS, Dear Reader, Fokofpolisiekar, Die Antwoord, Voodoo Child, and so many many more

- Stellenbosch University Official Student Newspaper


Fatal Descriptive Attraction EP 2010



>?< “It’s hard to take a bow if you’re not willing to bend”

The Curious Incident is a conjunction mash of soul, rock, psychedelic and tribal music (psych-soul-tribal-rock) that is proudly South African and ambitiously international. The ‘Incident’ is Shaka Zulu Rock dueling with Conquistador Rock while Motown Soul provokes them (but in a gentlemanly fashion).

>?< “Claims of Rainbow Nation but both sides still see in black & white”

South Africa – The Rainbow Nation - and the “worldwide dirt and shine of human existence” come through as major influences both musically and lyrically.

Politically incorrect in their political correctness and diversity, Curious comprises of a white man (Agnostic/Jew), a black man (Christian) and a yellow man (Muslim). They welcome everything curious and do not discriminate when pulling up fans from the crowd to participate in the song or dance.

>?< “We all sound the same in some different way”

The Curious Incident draws contemporary inspiration from the likes of Muse, Incubus, Queens of the Stone Age and RX Bandits through to The Temper Trap and Phoenix as well as South Africa’s very own BLK JKS.

The band’s “slightly off-beat flamboyance” is tempered with, as put by founding member and vocalist Kyle Roberts, “enough mainstream appeal so as not to alienate the larger audience.”

>?< “Dreams were built and broken down, I’m rebuilding my dreams wearing my paper crown”

“More ambitious than your average politician” and trying “to spread like swine flu”, The Curious Incident have got some free in-store samples for the world in their debut EP, Fatal Descriptive Attraction, which is available for free download from their Myspace & Facebook pages.

Their energy and spasmodic rhythmical-writhing need a stage. So, armed with tales of intrigue, relentless passion, interesting covers of Gaga & Beyonce as well as an Emphasis on Paralysis, The Curious Incident will take to the world in 2011 and refill your empty brand name energy cans.

“How great would it be for words from one’s own mind to be… immortalized, built into the fabrics of time, concreted in the minds of history.”


“…A delightfully precarious mix of stoner rock ‘n roll and dark funk…their slightly off-beat flamboyance…leaves the door wide open for critical reception and fan appreciation.” YOUR LMG

“…The audio equivalent of masturbation” IMOD.CO.ZA


+ Curious has recorded its debut EP and given it the name Fatal Descriptive Attraction.

+ MUSICA, South Africa's largest chain music retailer, has agreed to distribute 3000 copies throughout their megastores countrywide for people to come and get their own FREE EP

+ The debut music video for Emphasis on Paralysis has been on decent rotation on SA Channel MK. A version of the video has been uploaded to our You Tube page for your viewing pleasure.

+ New material has been written and is itching to be recorded. Older material has been improved and stage energy has been doubled.