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The Current

Houston, Texas, United States | SELF

Houston, Texas, United States | SELF
Band Rock Pop


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The Current isBand Members:
Larry Frishberg - lead vocals, guitar
Josh Mehling - bass, guitar, vocals
Phin Sprague - guitar, vocals
William Wells - drums, vocals

William: Hi, I am William, I am twelve years old and I was born outside of London, England in Surrey. My father is British and my Mother is a Texan. I have dual citizenship in both countries. My family and I now live in Houston, Texas. I am The Current’s drummer. I was born to play the drums. I love playing the drums because it allows you to get really creative and to experiment with the music.

Before joining a band, I use to play the drums alone in my room. Since joining a band, I get to create, write, experiment and play with my band mates! We can get pretty loud and crazy. Simply put, we have a great time! Many times after practice we go out together and listen to music, play pool and video games. We are four six grade guys with different personalities, likes and interest who enjoy s being together and rocking out!

I have a need for speed and hence the drums! I enjoy running fast and sports that let me run often. I especially enjoy playing lacrosse and soccer. This was my first year to play football and I am enjoy the running and hitting position of safety. I can often be found water skiing and radical tube riding on Lake Austin. I love riding four wheelers and off road motorcycles. I really enjoy hiking and camping especially in Colorado. I hiked over 70 miles in the Rocky Mountain National Park last summer and summated Flattop, Chiquita, Chapin and Ypsilion.

Outside of P.E. and recess, my favorite subjects are math and science.
I live in Houston, Texas with my parents and my two younger sisters.

Larry: Nickname- Sir Lawrence
Birthday- August-14
Hey, everybody, I’m Larry and I’m 12 years old. I live in Houston, Texas . I was born in San Antonio, Texas. I go to a great school . All our band members are in the same school and are 6th graders.
I watch American idol with my dad. I like baseball a lot, I am a pitcher for our team, Lugnuts. I also watch a lot of baseball games with my dad and spend time with my dad practicing baseball. I am a blackbelt, a gymnast. I ride horses, I am learning to play polo and hunting .. I am in Boyscout, working toward my Eagle Scout. I love Football, I play defensive end and also an offensive guard.
For fun, I play tennis , golf, basketball-though my favorite thing to do is hanging out with my band friends, “The Current.” We practice our songs and we do a lot of things together. All of us usually have 2 or three jokes minimum that we share and laugh so hard about. We accumulate several funny lines we easily find anywhere or come up on our own.
I am very excited about our Band, The Current. We picked that name together. Our idea was a heavy volt of lightning coming down into an island with oceans surrounding the island, in a heavy rain, creating “The Current.” Our debut performance was at the Post Oak Little League Extravaganza. After our performance the fans lined up asking us to sign their Current t-shirts. It was the most amazing feeling and we walked in on a red carpet with our fans looking on.
My favorite part was when kids asked, “When is your next Current performance? Can we be invited, and by the way, that was a really a cool show you did.” I like the feeling that fans really appreciate our band and our performance.
I have two sisters, Stephanie age 21 and Niki, age 16. My two sisters are both wonderful performers, and I’ve been watching them as long as I can remember. To tell the truth, I was always waiting for my turn.
I love to hang around with my family, My favorites, though are Led Zeppelin, Eric Clapton, and Cold Play.
I love to travel. Recently, I have been is New York City, Los Angeles, Toronto, Chicago and Zihuatanejo, Mexico. I also love cruises. You get to rest a lot and just do your own thing without a care in the world – and of course, they have plenty of food.
Send me a note about your life. I am interested if you are interested.

Josh: Hey…I’m Josh, I am in the 6th grade, and I play the bass for The Current. I have always been into all kinds of music…everything from classic rock up to the current hits of today. I started playing electric guitar about 4 years ago, and I also play some acoustic guitar. Since I like music so much, I also have fun coming up with great beats on my electronic drum kit, and I play around on my family’s digital piano, too. We have a lot of instruments at my house! I even just learned a little about playing the violin when I took an orchestra class in school…it was a lot of fun and I got an A+. My teacher said that I have good natural musical instincts, a good ear, and good technical playing ability.

For two summers in a row, I went to 4 weeks of Camp Jam and had the most awesome time. I played electric guitar and bass, and I sang lead and backup vocals. I even