The Currys

The Currys

 Port Saint Joe, Florida, USA

Family band with tight vocal harmonies, thoughtful songwriting, and a strong emphasis on rollicking live performance.


Brought together by family ties and a shared appreciation for folk, pop-rock, and roots music, The Currys are an Americana trio featuring Jimmy, Tommy, and Galen Curry. They’re relatives — two brothers and one cousin, to be exact — and like many family groups, their songs are anchored by the sort of elastic, entwined harmonies that only seem to exist among kin. On their second record, West of Here, their songwriting chops match those interlocking voices, with all three members contributing songs to an album that deals with the constant search for one’s home.

It’s an album that was born on the road. Following the release of the band’s official debut, Follow, The Currys packed up their van and spent nearly two years on tour, playing everywhere from Los Angeles to a string of oysters bars in the Florida panhandle. Those shows tightened up the band’s melody-driven sound — a sound captured by producers Chris Keup and Stewart Myers (Lifehouse, Jason Mraz) on West of Here‘s 13 songs — but it also found them questioning their roots. Brothers Tommy and Jimmy Curry had grown up in the Sunshine State, after all, while Galen spent his childhood in upstate New York. Years later, all three relocated to the Appalachian town of Charlottesville, Virginia, where the band’s audience began to swell. Yet here they were, traveling across the country for months at a time, asking themselves where their home base really was.

West of Here doesn’t give any easy answers, but it does offer up plenty of warm, wistful songs whose influences are just as wide-ranging as The Currys’ travels. Tracks like “Restless” and “Hold Me Here” swirl piano, mandolin, bass, guitar and light percussion into the same package, with hooks and harmonies leading the charge. Like the Avett Brothers, The Currys know when to crank up their rootsy stomp. Their music reaches far beyond that genre, though, taking cues from the epic sweep of Bruce Springsteen, the song-based storytelling of Ray LaMontagne and Bob Schneider, the rhythmic soul of Marvin Gaye, and even the poppy punch of Justin Timberlake. The result is an album that ebbs and flows, with The Currys mixing up their sound out of multiple ingredients.

It’s been years since The Currys played their first songs together as teenage boys, swapping tunes during a series of annual family reunions. West of Here pays tribute to that history, but it pushes the band forward, too, with one foot in the folksy sound of The Currys’ influence and the other pointing toward something new. Like its title suggests, West of Here is the sound of a band on the move.


Water From the Well

Written By: Jimmy Curry

I'll fetch the water from the well now, darling
if you'll watch the burners on the stove
and light some candles as the night grows quiet
don't this feel like home

let's not go to town on monday, baby
no let's not return at all
'cause they don't have a thing i can't find here
and there is nowhere i need to go

won't you come a little closer
there is nothing you should fear
i turned the pictures on the mantle
so they can't see what we do here

the wooden stairs up to the front door baby
with the cracks we've known so well
but will they last, you kiss my shoulder saying
"only time will tell"

won't you come a little closer
there is nothing you should fear
i turned the pictures on the mantle
so they can't see what we do here
won't you lay down with me baby
let me hold you tight right now
and when you get that morning yearning
come and fill me with your sound

i'll fetch the water from the well now darling
if you'll watch the burners on the stove


Written By: Tommy Curry

I cracked the world and what emerged
A gaily feathered lyrebird
Calling my name in every tongue but yours

All flies will struggle against their fate
The crooked lines that we force straight
I know a web when one is placed before me

Antipsychotics do the trick
Though neither free of pain nor quick
They'd core us like so many rotten pears

My gut would tie in aching knots
My head cascade with just such thoughts
If I could hear them o'er the tossing of your

This ancient custom's learned by rote
We sound the pitches note for note
The primal cadence of some grand upheaval

Life runs downhill until you die
When the momentum from on high
Carries you deep into an earthen hell

We played with matches once when young
But years have robbed our puerile fun
We need infernos now to leave the ground

I bathe in poems clothe in psalms
My lips are dripping with napalm
And all my ire's bent to burn this whole mess

Let's raise it to the ground
We'll set it all aflame
And burn our cares away
Let's burn this whole mess down


"West of Here" -- March 2016

"Follow" -- April 2014

"The Currys" -- April 2011