The Curtain Society

The Curtain Society


A three piece band channeling the spirits of ‘80s modern rock. With chiming guitar strums and hummable falsettos decorating their backdrop, they sound like far more than three people at any given.


Constructing masterful junctions in between pop, shoegazing, Dream pop and the most alternative options of rock & roll, the Curtain Society formed in Southbridge, MA, in 1988. Pursuing their own road on the music scene and building a mystified career since they first got together, the band managed to blend the best of established guitar rock with their very own interpretation. The Curtain Society's first releases were a series of EPs and cassettes through Apostrophe Records, a label directed by singer/guitarist Roger Lavallee. It was not until 1993 that The Curtain Society, Roger Lavallee, Ron Mominee and Duncan Arsenault decided to sign with Washington, DC based label Bedazzled Records. Inertia, the unit's first full-length record appeared in 1994, enjoying a consistent success. During the following three years, TCS appeared on a series of compilations on Bedazzled Records before Life Is Long, Still, their second album, hit the record stores in 1998.
After the release of “Life is Long, Still” they took time to record, recharge and reinvent, they expanded on their signature mesh of swirling guitars, gnashing rhythms and sometimes sad, but always sweet melodies and harmonies. Their music now is exponentially more confident, powerful and punchy. They followed up the release of "Life is Long, Still" by releasing some singles and a 4 song EP titled "Volume, Tone, Tempo" - Bedazzled, 1999). 2005 brought the release of the full length CD “Every Corner of the Room” - Orcaphat Records. The CD was featured on multiple episodes of “One Life to Live”(ABC), on radio across the country, and is now making its way into peoples hands.


Every Corner of the Room
Volume Tone Tempo (ep)
Life is Long, Still

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