The Cutbacks

The Cutbacks


We're old school rock and roll. The lovechild of AC/DC with Zepplin. We don't mess around. When it's our turn to rock, we rock out hard.


For the most part, the bands influences are AC/DC, Chili Peppers, and anything that Rocks. Sean adds a nice hard rock element. His influences are mostly Van Halen and pieces by Randy Rhoads. The members of the band are origional rockers. We're all about the music; the modern day zepplin


We had our song Black Rabbit played on the radio once before when we won a "battle of the local bands" contest the station was having.

Set List

We don't normally do covers, save one.
Our usual set is (in this order):

Freedom won
Black Rabbit
Break Down
Over the Fence
Johny Be Goode