The Cut Losses

The Cut Losses

 Langley, British Columbia, CAN

The Cut Losses is a band of fabulous, glamorous, indie-rock stars.


  • 100,000+ plays on Spotify in 72 hours (2016)
  • #1 Video debut for "Spending Time On My Own" on BIRP.FM (2016)
  • MusicBC's member of the week (2016)
  • Featured on Spotify's "Fresh Finds" playlist (2016)
  • Featured on Spotify's "Fresh Finds: Six Strings" playlist (2016)
  • Spill Magazine "Song of the Day" for "Spending Time On My Own" (2016)
  • Spill Magazine "Song of the Day" for "It's All Inside My Head" (2016)

Appropriately titled, The Cut Losses is the result of indie-rocker Patrick McWilliams' string of failed punk bands, over 10,000$ of debt and being faced with un-employment. While paying homage to the 70's, 80's and even Motown, their sound has been described as "retro-sounding to be sure, but the era that’s being evoked is hard to pin down". The Cut Losses wasn't fully conceived until his best-friend and neighbour Duncan Lee joined in 2016, followed by recording what would become their debut demo tape "Lightning Dolphin".

The Cut Losses were quickly embraced, gaining over 100,000 plays in 48 hours on Spotify due to a feature on their "Fresh Finds" playlist. After being told McWilliams had no future in music by his high-school teachers, highly-praised reviews from his teenage idols J.P. Pitts of Surfer Blood and Mike Hindert of The Bravery, as well as landing opening spots for Together Pangea and Paper Lions suggested otherwise. They have been touted as "the next big thing" by internet music critics and fellow bloggers. 

The past year has seen the group at their busiest; performing alongside main-tier artists internationally and at festivals including James McCartney, Surfer Blood, Said the Whale, Joey Cape and BIG Winter Classic 2017 all while selling-out their own headline shows. On top of this, the ambitious group found time to make a short-length film, release 2 side-project EP's and even start the follow up to their debut. With all things considered, it isn't hard to see why The Cut losses have earned the title of "Vancouver's buzziest young psyche pop act" - The Fox Cabaret.

"It reminds me of Pet Sounds, but very current to what is being released now." - Jennifer Thorington, Senior Publicist, Working Brilliantly

"McWilliams has proven himself to be a talented song writer with a knack for creating pop-inspired hooks and dreamy soundscapes with tasteful layers of instruments." - Holy Smokes!

"There’s something splendidly infectious about The Cut Losses sound. For all its languid charm, it feels almost entirely shaped by a desire to escape from the dullness of the day and the need to explore, to take the day by the horns and force adventure." - GoldFlakePaint

"Retro-sounding to be sure, but the era that’s being evoked is hard to pin down. Whimsical ’80s synthpop perhaps, but those saxes sound downright ’70s. Then again there are strains of early 2000’s contemporary. Just slide back and enjoy it." - Ride The Tempo

"The Cut Losses have been garnering a lot of attention in the industry. McWilliams’ ethereal vocals, with reverb bouncing off of the instrumentals, make his voice sound
like it's own synth based instrument." - IMPOSE Magazine


Spending Time On My Own

Written By: Patrick McWilliams

Mystified by a pretty girl like you,
didn't realize the damage it could do.

But oh, this can't be for real,
and oh, I know how it feels.
Spending time on my own,
Spending time on my own.

When you leave and I'm terrified of you,
I'm having dreams that the other side comes soon.
You leave me hypnotized, you leave me nothing but oh.
I hoped the past wouldn't last,
is this the truth?

But oh, this can't be for real.
And oh, I know how it feels.
Spending time on my own,
Spending time on my own.


The Cut Losses - Lightning Dolphin EP (2016)

The Cut Losses - Are We In Heaven? EP (2018)

Set List

Varies from 25 - 60 minutes depending on set times and festival appearances. Original material setlist.