The Cut/Up
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The Cut/Up


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• Demo (2010) | Self-released
• Talking in Stereo - single (2012) | Self-released
• Lost - single (2013) | Amsterdam Recording Company
• The Gateway Drug - album (2013) | Amsterdam Recording Company



The Cut/Up started as a collaboration between Soda P drummer Joost Olsthoorn and ex Oil singer Nicholas van den Doel at the end of 2007. Initially as a creative outlet for a multitude of projects, they started writing songs and experimenting with the possibilities of home recording, DJ-ing, VJ-ing and art projects.

In 2009 the duo decided to turn their focus to what they know best and love most and started translating the tracks they had written to a live band. They teamed up with Eduard de Ridder from Feast, Samaritan, STRMSTRNG on bass and Gertjan Bazuin from Seafur, Woezels on drums. After a couple of months locked up in their rehearsal space they decided they needed a second guitar player. So the search began.

In the meantime the band recorded a 5 song demo as a four piece at their rehearsal space in 2010 together with their good friend Marc van Duivenvoorde, who would later start his own recording studio Perimeter Audio, famous for it’s 80s metal sound.

The band decided to hit the recording studio again in 2011 to record their track ‘Talking in Stereo’. The track was recorded at Amsterdam Recording Company by Philip J. Harvey (Dead Weather, White Stripes, Medeski Martin & Wood) which the band later self released as a digital single.

At the end of 2011 the band finally found a steady guitar player in Michiel Voerman and for the first time the band concentrated on writing new tracks as a five piece.

In 2012 they entered the Amsterdam Recording Company again to begin recording 5 tracks for their new album ‘The Gateway Drug’ which was released in September 2013 by Amsterdam Recording Company as a 12” and digital. The album was recorded and produced by Menno Bakker (Seein Red/Deadstoolpigeon/NRA/Oil) with the assistance of Jean Morreau (NRA/Copymaster/Human Alert) and was mastered by Carll Saff (Matador/Sup Pop/Merge) out of Chicago.