The Cyborg Trio

The Cyborg Trio

 Portland, Maine, USA

The Cyborg Trio is a "livetronica" jam band from Portland, Maine. These guys throw it down with real instruments. Their shows are filled with high energy improvisation while throwing their own classic songs in the mix. Every show and set list is unique.


Genre: Jam Band / Rock / Dance / Live Electronic
Origin: Portland, ME
Official Band Website:
Booking Contact: 207-650-8577

The innovative Cyborg Trio are known for their dynamic, psychedelic improvisation and carefully crafted beats. Eric Dudevoir, Sammy B and Tim Nickerson released their fully improvised “jam” album in early 2009 and since then have been getting more exposure in both the local and national scenes. Their tight, trance-inducing tunes are reminiscent of a DJ; you’ll have to keep reminding yourself that these guys are playing live instruments. For their live shows they bring the crowd through a journey, offering ups and very relieving downs as the beat drops and groove waves travel through the room, filling the venue with good vibes. Listen to the music player above and hear the depth and detail produced from live improvisational jams.

The Cyborg Trio has shared the stage with:

Jerry Garcia Band
Big Gigantic
Digital Tape Machine
Orchard Lounge
Higher Organix
The Indobox ... and more.


Broken Beats VOL. 1 (Live in Portland)
Live at Port City Music Hall

Set List

Our set lists are improvised from show to show. We usually play 70% improvised material while merging 30% of our songs. Our sets can range from 30 minutes to two 60 minute sets.