The Cyborg Trio
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The Cyborg Trio

Portland, Maine, United States | INDIE

Portland, Maine, United States | INDIE
Band Rock Jam


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Big Up 2011: EOTO, Big G, Benevento, Digital Tape Machine"

The Big Up Festival has announced its 2011 music and arts festival event on July 28, 29 and 30 at Sunnyview Farm in Ghent, New York. With EOTO, Big Gigantic, Marco Benevento Trio and Digital Tape Machine featuring Joel Cummins and Kris Meyers of Umphrey's McGee topping the first round lineup of over 50-plus hours of live music throughout three days, 2011 promises to be the festival’s biggest and best year yet.
In addition to the first round of headliners, The Big Up Festival 2011 will also highlight performances by Ott, Orchard Lounge, Abakus, Papadosio, Higher Organix, The Breakfast, The Polish Ambassador, Indobox, Kung Fu, Jimkata, The Malah, Strange Arrangement, Timbre Coup, Cyborg Trio, Blacklight Rukus and many others. - JamBase

"The Cyborg Trio make it up as they go along"

Portland hasn't had a band like the Cyborg Trio in while. They're almost certainly the best/only live all-instrumental dance band since Slowing Room stopped playing out (and they actually had some vocals sometimes). Also, Slowing Room had, well, songs.
The Cyborg Trio have no songs. The way you know they're playing everything live is that they never play the same song twice. They improvise everything. Which makes going into the studio kind of pointless. But they do have a couple of live albums you can download for free on their bandcamp site, including Live and Improvised, which is simply one 80-minute-long jam carved up into 10 tracks.
Along the lines of the New Deal and a few other jam-influenced electronic acts (like EOTO, with whom they share a Port City stage next weekend), the Cyborgs bend to the whim of, and do their best to influence, the crowd that's in front of them, riding and creating energy waves like the best electronic DJs and button pushers.
Except I don't think they push any buttons. From what I can tell, Tim Nickerson on keyboards (also bassist for Colepitz — how's that for contrast?), Eric Dudevoir on bass, and the mysterious Sammy B on bass basically do everything the old-fashioned way. They just play. But they make a lot of music for a three-piece.
Much of that comes from the keyboards, where you can layer on effects (okay, those are buttons) to get echoes bouncing around the room or long digital builds. Nickerson likes to noodle, riding a melody, maybe trading off lines with Dudevoir, who'll throw lines right back, a melodic volleyball game. Sammy B is generally the constant and ringmaster, often seeming to initiate a kick in the pants to get things moving forward again.
Things can get slow. Quiet. Maybe dull. Depends on your mood, I guess. But they don't let you stay down long, and there are times when they get things Gorillaz-level hopping. At the very least, you never know what's coming. Maybe some 64-bit-sounding '80s pop, some P-funk, some dub-style.
Depends on their mood, I guess.
Sam Pfeifle can be reached
CYBORG TRIO | with EOTO | at Port City Music Hall, in Portland | Nov 13 | | - Portland Phoenix


Reviewer: BoloResartus - [5.0 out of 5 stars]
Subject: this is good music
I like this kind of thing
good driving beat and
nicely melodic
we need more from this group

Reviewer: biscuitsandgravy - [5.0 out of 5 stars]
Subject: shit rocks... JAM IT KID!!!
shit rocks... JAM IT KID!!!

Reviewer: agratefulheadbiscuitphisher - [4.0 out of 5 stars]
Subject: jammy sounds
yeah i like track 1 the rest of the jams are of crazy! i think it sounds kind of like the new deal. jamtronics are the future lid

Reviewer: Purifier - [5.0 out of 5 stars]
Subject: Jam 1 is Good.
I like Jam 1. It sounds like robots and which I also like. - Archive


Broken Beats VOL. 1 (Live in Portland)
Live at Port City Music Hall



Genre: Jam Band / Rock / Dance / Live Electronic
Origin: Portland, ME
Official Band Website:
Booking Contact: 207-650-8577

The innovative Cyborg Trio are known for their dynamic, psychedelic improvisation and carefully crafted beats. Eric Dudevoir, Sammy B and Tim Nickerson released their fully improvised “jam” album in early 2009 and since then have been getting more exposure in both the local and national scenes. Their tight, trance-inducing tunes are reminiscent of a DJ; you’ll have to keep reminding yourself that these guys are playing live instruments. For their live shows they bring the crowd through a journey, offering ups and very relieving downs as the beat drops and groove waves travel through the room, filling the venue with good vibes. Listen to the music player above and hear the depth and detail produced from live improvisational jams.

The Cyborg Trio has shared the stage with:

Jerry Garcia Band
Big Gigantic
Digital Tape Machine
Orchard Lounge
Higher Organix
The Indobox ... and more.