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At the critical age of 8 years old, The DA began to express his talents through the sport of baseball. Although he performed well at this game, He soon found that he had a greater love for a different art; he embraced the world of Music Production. Thus, with this newfound admiration, he transformed his talent from pitches thrown at strike zones to Beat-Tones and Microphones.

Since the age of eleven (11), and growing up in Washington Heights, New York,
(The Musical Melting Pot of New York), The District Attorney has been honing the skills needed to represent in the art of Street Musician-ship. Today, his hunger to express his talents to the community-at-large goes beyond the norm. This man has familiarized himself with all of the aspects of the music industry and now he is just waiting his turn, BUT NOT AT A STANDSTILL!

Like a prosecutor, he is moving swiftly while establishing all the concrete evidence needed to win the case of music. To the DA, the music industry is like the court system. Guilty or not guilty, bad or good, all music is judged. To the criminal, the most feared and hated person in law is the District Attorney, as he has the ability to gather the evidence that can put one away ---- even for life.

DNA evidence catapulted criminal justice into a new era. Never before have prosecutors had a more powerful tool at their disposal for determining the identity of persons who commit crime, but what DNA did to crime, The DA is out to change the way the industry views Latinos in Hip-Hop & Reggaeton.

Thus, The DA of the music industry is despised because he too is gathering criminal evidence of artificial music. His musical style is to prosecute those who break the law of musical authenticity and makes sure that no one will be left untouched.

For More Information:

The Devil's Advocate Productions
(646) 773-5678


Past Projects:
Mr Y - The Baker
"The Baker's Dozen lp" *
Released: October 2003
(Executive Producer/Producer)

* Sold more than 3000 Cd's independently online and in the US.
(Produced Media, Hip-Hop)

Upcoming Projects:

Release Date: Summer 2005
(Executive Producer/Producer, Hip-Hop)

Barbara Ortiz
Release Date: TBA
(Reggaeton/Dancehall, Latin R&B)

Straight Out Da Oven DVD
Street Heat Vol.1
Release Date: Winter 2005
(Produced Soundtrack, Hip-Hop & Reggaeton)

Mr. Y - The Baker
"The Muffin Man"
Release Date: Summer 2005
(Producer, Hip-Hop & Reggaeton)

Release Date: Winter 2005
(Producer, Hip-Hop)

"The Bronx Massacre"
Release Date: Summer 2005
(Producer, Hip-Hop)

Tropical Storm & OX
Release Date: TBA
(Producer, Hip-Hop)