the dadabeat

the dadabeat


Worldly music with a touch of jazz, funk, and easy listening.


The band's influences are quite diverse but I believe pull off a great mix of pop, jazz and classical music. It uses accoustic guitar to drive what is a uniquely funky sound. Blend in the raga rhythms of the Indian Tanpura and you have a sound seldom heard - Sophisticated but not pretentious!


the dadabeat is the title CD - have been played on local radio stations in Chicago, KBIG in Dallas and Starpoint Radio in London, England

Set List

No covers all original - Set list at the Velvet Lounge in Chicago is as follows:

1. The Velvet Touch
2. The dadabeat
3. Flamenco Rap
4. Little Funk
5. Dada Nova
6. Sunset
7. Sitarsion
8. Cool Blue
9. Save my Lord