The Dags

The Dags

 Tampa, Florida, USA

Genuine, straight-forward, hard hitting, tight three-piece punk ass music with lyrics that shy away from nothing and musicianship that can hang with damn near anyone; a seamless medley of blues, punk, funk, and rock 'n roll that redefines and reclaims the term "alternative" - that's the Dags.


The Dags are a three-piece band of rockers and rollers out of Tampa, Florida. The genre-evading trio has become well known for their lights-out performances and high-energy presence on stages across the East. With influences ranging from Leadbelly & Son House to the Pixies & Dead Kennedys, it is easy to understand why it can be hard to file The Dags under one genre.


Noise (2012 LP)
Modern Art (2013 LP)