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The Dags

Tampa, Florida, United States | SELF

Tampa, Florida, United States | SELF
Band Alternative Blues


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"Dags Album Release Party to feature Monarch, GreyMarket"

Tampa, Florida-- The Dags Album Release Party taking place at New World Brewery in Ybor this Friday promises to be quite the show for those with a love for locals, and an appreciation for budding bands.

Guests can look forward to hearing from Monarch, GreyMarket and The Dags - together loosely classified as rock groups, but separately guaranteed to rock with originality.

This "grungy punk-blues trio" will perform in honor of their newest album, "Modern Art". The group's first album, "Noise", was released in May of 2012.

Their official Facebook page lists main members as lead vocalist and guitarist Ash Dudney, bassist Andrew Leatherman and drummer and vocalist Drae Williams.

Doors for this "jam"-packed launch party (you know -like music jams) will open at 9 p.m. New World Brewery is located at 1313 8th Ave. Tampa FL 33605. - 10 News WTSP

"Interviews: The Dags' Ash Dudney Talks About the New Album"

The Dags have a reputation for being one of the noisier blues-punk bands on the local Tampa music scene. Sympathetic and political, The Dags have played several Occupy events in Tampa and have been known to be politically outspoken. TBT Soundcheck has compared their sound to Primus and The Toadies. The Dags are not strangers to Bulls Country either, playing Bulls Radio's Local Live music festival in 2012.

After releasing their debut LP Noise last year, The Dags are releasing their sophomore LP Modern Art today at New World Brewey in Ybor City. We discuss their new album with lead singer Ash Dudney earlier this week.

What inspired your new album?

Our desire to put out something new, fresh, and more refined inspired us to release a second album as soon as possible. Noise was a good album, but left plenty of room for improvement. The production of the album was actually largely inspired by The Pauses' album A Cautionary Tale. I loved the flow and unity of every song, which in turn inspired me to exercise the utmost patience in selecting which songs would make the final cut to get on the album, and to pay close attention to the track order. We wanted a real album - a sound - and I think we got that here.

What can you tell us about the new album?

The title [Modern Art] combined with the stick figure painting was derived from my personal irritation with the art & music world in regard to how frivolously the title of "artist" is thrown around. Sometimes it feels like everyone who's ever put a pencil to paper or touched a guitar is magically transformed into an "artist", which simply isn't true. One important note here is that we aren't claiming to be artists ourselves; honestly, I think history will let you know if you're an artist or not. Especially for musicians. Hendrix? Hendrix was an artist. Innovative, talented, revolutionary - Hendrix was an artist. Nickelback? Justin Beiber? Who wants to explain to me how they are artists?

You band has been very outspoken politically (anti-Romney song, protesting during the RNC, playing Occupy events). Are there any political songs on the new album?

Several. This album is a solid addition to our political resumé. From the socially political lead track "Art" to, as you mentioned, a remastered and remixed version of our anti-Romney "$", this album certainly won't disappoint anyone who digs our sarcastic/angry political fire.

Any particular political issues that are affecting you right now?

Ha. Minimum wage.

How do you think the RNC affected Tampa Bay?

Well, I know the Columbia in Ybor had their biggest day ever. Over $100,000 in a day. I'd say the RNC was definitely a good boost to our local economy and a big unnecessary scare to law enforcement and their families. Things were supposed to get ugly with protestors, but it seems they couldn't or wouldn't put their anger where their mouth was.

I saw your cover picture on your facebook page has a psychedelic fish with Uncle Sam inside. What inspired the drawing? Is it going to have a presence with the new music?

That's actually a piece by my good friend Gina Alonso. I asked for a t-shirt design, gave her the concept of the album, and told her to go crazy. That was what I got. She used the stick figure idea and Uncle Sam, which I thought gave it just the right amount of political undertone for us. I love it. That girl? That girl is an artist.

As this is your sophomore EP, do you feel the band has grown or matured in any ways since the first album?

[These are actually both LPs.] Yes, we've grown tremendously. The songs are more complex, the project was well thought out, and we've really been tightening up as a band in general. We've got our first tour this summer with plans to release two EPs this year and tour several times - things are really shaping up. While Andrew's upcoming departure from the group is unfortunate, things are moving along in an amazingly positive way.

Do you have a favorite song of the new album?

Hmmm... I really don't know. Maybe "Death Cult Johnny", which afforded me the opportunity to sing alongside my fiancé, Melissa. That was a first and pretty incredible experience, not to mention a bad ass song. - Bulls Radio

"Local Live: Bulls Radio Music Fest"

A showcase of high-quality local musical talent, including grungy blues-punk power trio The Dags (which also play New World's BBQ Acoustic Series on Wednesday), charming indie pop brother/sister-led five-piece Drake & Sofia; Zeppelin-channeling ball-busting rockers The Beauvilles; rhyme-slinging emcee Dynasty; and rising hip hop star Famous Kid Brick. Also with Boy Wonder, Ins & Outs, John Dillin, more TBA - Creative Loafing (Tampa Bay)

"TBT Artist Of The Day 12/12/12"

Talk about moving fast. Tampa “punk-blues power trio” The Dags debuted a year ago, and in that time, they’ve already released one album (Noise) and plan to release another (Modern Art) in February. Singer-guitarist Ash Dudney, bassist Andrew Leatherman and drummer Drae Williams play grungy, scuzzy rock in the vein of the Toadies or Primus.

On Dec. 18, The Dags will play a Toys for Tots benefit with Victims of Circumstance at Barbarella, 1920 E Seventh Ave., Ybor City. Admission is a toy or non-perishable food item. - TBT Newspaper


Noise (2012 LP)
Modern Art (2013 LP)



The Dags are a three-piece band of rockers and rollers out of Tampa, Florida. The genre-evading trio has become well known for their lights-out performances and high-energy presence on stages across the East. With influences ranging from Leadbelly & Son House to the Pixies & Dead Kennedys, it is easy to understand why it can be hard to file The Dags under one genre.