The Daily FLash

The Daily FLash


High energy folkrock with lush, thick harmonies and driving instrumentals. The performance has an expertise brought from years of experience.


Steve Lalor remains the Northwest's quintessential acoustic folk performer. A veteran of the 60's west coast folk scene (The Driftwood Singers) and founding member of The Daily Flash, Steve spent 11 years in the L.A. studio scene under contract with London, Universal, MGM, Psycho and Rhino recording companies. His crystal voice and syncopated 6 and 12 string finger picking has been described by Bumbershoot as, "Musicianship that CRACKLES with experience."

Barry Curtis, since 1963, has performed with the Kingsmen who purvey their seminal form of Northwest garage rock at arena concerts, fairs and festivals. His current focus is his participation in The Daily Flash. As an electric guitarist, he embodies a wide stylistic range including rural American blues, rock, r&b, country and folk. As a singer, he combines these influences with his formal training in choral music and other forms of harmonic group singing.

Don Wilhelm has been active in the Seattle scene since 1966. He has performed with founding members Roger Fisher and Steve Fossen in White Heart and Heart. He also performed with ShyAnne, & Washington James with Moby Grape's Don Stevenson. Some of his best work also includes composing, recording and performing with Pat Tennis of Los Orchids. Don is both a skilled guitarist and bassist. His unique bass style contributes greatly to The Flash's melodic and rhythmic character and his superb voice soars into alto territory, providing the band with the greatest possible vocal range.

Steve Peterson, also a Kingsmen since 1988, is one of the Northwest's finest drummers. He has done a great deal of studio work and has played in countless other groups ranging from duos to large ensembles. Steve has the ability to play to the essence of virtually every form of popular music. His precision and dynamic range gives The Flash its multi‑hued percussive style. His singing and instrumental work on mandolin and celtic whistle are compelling and contribute to the group's strong vocal and instrumental capabilities.

The band has the ability to reflect their individual strengths and take that wonderful, explorative musical platform to new ground.


Queen Jane/Jack Of Diamonds - Parrot records (Single)
The French Girl/Green Rocky Road - Uni records (Single)
I Flash Daily - Psycho records (LP)
Nuggets - Rhino records
The Daily Flash - Sundazed records (EP)

Set List

Keep Your Distance (Richard Thompson)
Can't Find My Way Back Home (Steve Winwood)
Hey Grandma (Moby Grape)
The French Girl (The Daily Flash)
Play With Fire (Stones)
Forever To Love (The Daily Flash)
Quarter Moons (The Daily Flash)
Long Tall Sally (Little Richard)
Take My Hand (The Daily Flash)
Barry Groove (The Daily Flash)
Amazing House of the Risin' Sun (The Daily Flash)
Rollin' & Tumblin" (McKinley Morganfield)