The Daily Grind

The Daily Grind


I would say, "hey this elevator music is pretty sweet. Speaking of music, have you heard of The Daily Grind? We are a pop punk band taking things to a new level with melodic twists, catchy lyrics and super energy. What gets us excited is getting fans excited."
"Oh, you have heard of us? Awesome!"


Once upon a time a young lad named Xavier began taking bass guitar lessons from a guitar demigod by the name of Zack.

Zack learned Xavier was a drummer with similar music influences, including No Use for A Name, Slick Shoes and Goldfinger.

Zack has a music degree and is a veteran in the music industry formally playing with local powerhouse Jonestown Tragedy. Xavier has played drums in musicals, jazz bands and for the UT Longhorn pep band.

They started jamming together alongside members from Zack's death metal project, Jesse and Marcus.

And so became born the legend of The Daily Grind.

Set List

Dead to Me
Slept All Day
Over Now