The Daily Howl

The Daily Howl

 Nashville, Tennessee, USA

We play rock music, and we're damn good at it. Each member of The Daily Howl is an exceptionally skilled musician and loves every minute of bringing rock and roll back to the spotlight as much as you love hearing it.


In this day in age, with dwindling album sales, crumbling record labels, and the guitar slowly becoming an instrument of the past, a truly maverick band is hard to find. But out of the hills of Tennessee comes a story so charmingly unsuspecting that its only proper fate would be to end in a glory that parallels that of the similarly unsuspecting Liverpool boys who first picked up guitars over 50 years ago.

The Daily Howl formed in 2009 in the small town of Fairview, TN, just outside of Nashville. Consisting of brothers Matthew (guitar, vocals) and Aaron (drums, vocals) Cates, Blake Burton (guitar, vocals), and Jeremy Gonzales (bass), the band developed a relentless work ethic, splitting time between the clubs of Nashville and the college town of Johnson City. Often having to play several hours a night, The Daily Howl developed an enthralling stage show, cut from the bar band cloth that so many before them have come from.

With a hefty catalog that posses the rawness of garage rock, and the melodic sensibilities of Lennon and McCartney (and with the help of an ever-growing legion of fans), The Daily Howl are slowly but surely bringing rock 'n' roll back into the limelight, and like a true Nashville band, they plan to pound, strum, and scream until that job is finished.


The Daily Howl EP (2012): tracks include "Uh-Huh", "Revolver", "Janey, Don't Go!", "Fakin'", "Better Than That", and "Stoney Bitch".

Set List

Take a Number - <3:00 min
Revolver - <2:30 min
Better Than That - <3:00 min
Janey, Don't Go! - <3:00 min
Mistress (of the Red Light District) - 5:00 min
Uh-Huh - <2:30 min
Stoney Bitch - <2:30 min
Burnin' Alive - <3:00 min
Fakin' - <2:30 min
Bitchin' Don't Make Good Rock & Roll - 4:00 min