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The Daily Pravda


Ziggy Stardust meets American Psycho.


If Morrissey had gone to Moscow in 1989 instead of Ozzy Osbourne, The Daily Pravda might have existed much sooner. Sixteen years after a golden opportunity for vodka-fueled glam to flourish, David Jackel (formerly of The Crush) posted an ad in Boston that simply said, "Singer on a mission to do to Ziggy Stardust what Oasis did to the Beatles. Needs backup."

Backup came in the form of Ken Marcou (drummer) from Silverthree Sound Recording's band Kimone, Joshh Magee (bass) who was formerly in a Smiths cover band, and Adam Anderson (guitar), a diehard KISS fan with a penchant for seventies sci-fi sounds.

Late last year the band headed south to Bangor, PA to rehearse, write and record a demo. The first track, "She’s So Mature," came out last fall and radio responded. The Daily Pravda was the FNX spotlight band of the week, putting "She’s So Mature" in heavy rotation.

The Daily Pravda set to work on their debut EP, tracking at Boston’s famous Blue Jay Studio. After switching producers, TDP completed the EP in July 2006, with a September 8, 2006 release date.

In July 2006 Magee parted amicably with the band and was replaced by Lindsey Starr (Retrosleeper), who covers both bass and backing vocals.

Catch The Daily Pravda live throughout the Northeast — occasionally dressing in drag and spreading Britpop propaganda for the people.


She's so Mature

Written By: The Daily Pravda

She’s addicted to meat and all the restaurants know
Perky men at the bars all set up to go
They really want it bad now
Bringing lies and disease home
They stalk the city at night but that’s as far as they’ll go

Oh you don’t think it out (too bad)
You call her “dad”
And every second saying, “she’s so mature.”

She’s got a crush on your race, or that’s what she said
Till you’re driving past midnight in search of a bed
She’ll never let you down
You really want it bad now
On the floor of an old house with cameras on the walls

Oh you don’t think it out (too bad)
You call her “dad”
And every second saying, “she’s so mature.”

Messed her back up smooth like iron
Moves like fire through the brain
Piece together lick and sever
Pierce a heartbeat through the bone

Don’t look, don’t think it’s not so bad
If you can’t take shots like her dad
And there’s no point in saying you’re so mature
Come over here for eyes

Global eyes, terror eyes, icy eyes
I see more of
Traitor eyes, televised
Mesmerized like all of us
And it’s enough that we all know this will hurt forever.

Told you so.


"She's so Mature" itunes single (June 25, 2006)
1. She's so Mature

"She's so Mature" EP (September 8, 2006)
1. She's so Mature
2. Samantha Hall
3. Viva Natalia
4. Kinki Malinki
5. Home Invasion

Set List

(Typically 40 minutes)

1.Chemical Dancer
2.Kinki Malinki
3.Holidays on the Run
4.Samantha Hall
6.She's so Mature
7.Viva Natalia
8.Home Invasion