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"First EP"

Is it time?

Fans will be happy to know that after eight months of writing and recording, the time has finally come for Vancouver band, the Daily Affirmation’s, release of their self titled EP.

Playing show after show in front of massive crowds of people, the band was finally signed onto Cherry Blossom Records in July, 2012 and have been hard at work in the studio ever since.

We know fans of the band are just as excited as these two lovely ladies are to share their music with everyone.

The EP’s official release date is March 15th, 2013.

Watch out for West Coast tour dates! - Molly Conner

"The Daily Affirmations Play Second Show In Mount Pleasant"

They say opposites attract and for the daily affirmations that definitely goes.

Kristen, exudes this sort of, cute edginess while Brenna is a girl who seems she should be wearing daisy’s in her hair. The two could not be more different, yet somehow, they work.

The Vancouver folk-rock duo played their second show at “Our Town,” a coffee shop in the Mount Pleasant neighborhood. The show consisted of many original songs written by Kristen Pascall, the lead singer of the band and a few covers of their favorite songs.

The coffee shop was packed and swarms of people walking by crowded around the open doors just to get a listen.

Unfortunately, the band has yet to record an album which put a slight damper on the show as many audience members wanted a piece of the daily affirmations to take home with them. I hope this is something these two young ladies are planning to work on in the near future.

All in all, the daily affirmations know how to put on a show and I look forward to hearing more of them.

Liam Smith
- Georgia Strait - LS

"Sound Of Music Review"

TUESDAY, 15 MAY 2012

Part of the appeal of Kristen Pascall and Brenna Wear is the hilarious way the two friends bark at each other onstage like, sisters. Although, even if they drive each other nuts, you do get the sense they still have a huge amount of respect and love towards each other.

Last night, The Daily Affirmations, a folk-rock duo from Vancouver, British Columbia played Burlington’s Sound of Music festival. With a crowd of over 2,000 people, you would never guess that this was the bands third show together.

Near the middle of the show, there was a small technical glitch, but the two girls handled it with ease, spitting out rapid-fire jokes, keeping everyone very entertained.

The Daily Affirmations proved last night that they definitely can “do anything good” and I look forward to seeing them play again in the near future.

Burlington Post
-Sierra Gale

- SG


Still working on that hot first release.



Inspired by the “daily affirmations” video that went viral on youtube, Brenna Wear and Kristen Pascall wanted to create a band that inspired happiness, courage, strength and assured people that they could “do anything good.”

Hailing from Vancouver, British Columbia, folk - rock duo, the daily affirmations first began their journey together in September of 2011. Embarking on this musical adventure are two young women, Kristen Pascall (lead vocals) and Brenna Wear (lead guitar, background vocals) who both share a sincere passion for life and of course, music.

Currently, as the daily affirmations are in the very beginning stages of success, they’re first major project is to tackle their EP, which will begin production in February, 2012. With an ample amount of songs about life’s daily struggles and how to conquer them, the band is excited to give their fans something inspiring and close to the heart.

With a clear vision and their DREAM BIG mind sets, the daily affirmations are off to a good start and are ready for what lays ahead.

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