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The best kept secret in music


"The song makes me feel sticky..."

"No really, the country-esk feel with the dark speaker panning sound reminds me of driving to vegas on that shitty highway, heat blasting my face and making my lips begin to split from the dry wind. Okay, now to the song. Nice job. I liked this. It was good times. I liked the drums alot, focusing more on the up-beat than was quiet the standard...nice little twist. The guitar and bass were well performed. The vocals fit this song well and didn't immediately remind me of anyone, which is a good thing. The vocals were TWISTED...I LIKE IT! I give this a solid two and one half severed thumb up! Excellente!"

"YELLOWSTAR's 4 song EP"

(The Dakota was formerly named Yellowstar) "The All Rise EP, plays like a promising high school sports star...all heart, passion, and ability without the means to know when to exude what. That being said, there is a lot of promise on this little nugget. The first thing I noticed immediately, within the opening 20 seconds, is the sheer musicianship of the band. They sound like a three piece--just guitars, bass, and drums; but it's all you need. Each player exemplifies the technicalities of being a trained musician. The rhythms are tight and on top of the beat. The bassist locks into the kit with ease while the guitarist plays chords, scales, hell, anything he or she possibly can over the steady rhythmic arsenal.

The band's sound reminds me of AMERICAN FOOTBALL with less indie production, and a singer who shares the pop soul of a band like SWITCHFOOT circa 1999. The standout track on this disc is "Attention." The song moves rhythmically and flawlessly, like a flamenco dancer on mescaline. The bass and drums sound like they are telepathically linked while the singer performs a solid, hooky melody brilliantly. The CD is probably worth it for that one track alone. The last two tracks on the record seem like remnants from earlier song writing days. While "Cease to Know" carries the EP's deepest sentiments, it lacks some of the engaging qualities of the opening two tracks. "Drunk on Sickness" is more filler than anything. It's not a bad song, it just feels forced after such a great song like "Attention."

The cool thing about an EP like this is that I hear the band's next direction (I would like to imagine, anyway) and it is darker, uncharted musical waters. Very few people have been able to meld pop and prog successfully, but these guys have a shot."

"Very cool sound."

"Very neat sounds here. Keyboard stuff gives the song a lot of character. Vocal melodies are done pretty well. Memorable for the most part. Chorus is surprising in a good way with the cutoffs. Guitars are very original. Drums are rocking like crazy. Beats and fills are very cool and original. Arrangement is very original. Keep it up! Good song."


The All Rise EP
featuring the singles:
'All Rise' 'Attention'

The Dakota EP
featuring the single:
'Alarm Again'


Feeling a bit camera shy


The Dakota is a band with an extensive history and a profoundly original approach to rock music. For nearly a decade, the band members have explored multiple musical genres in various bands. Ultimately, The Dakota is a refined amalgam of the members’ combined experiences and unique talents, drawing parallels to The Mars Volta and Muse.
In the fall of 2003, under the band name “Yellowstar,” the EP titled, “The All Rise EP;” was released and met with considerable interest. The Dakota melds the connection between pop rock’s catchy choruses and indie rock’s edginess, which has been drawing ever increasing audiences and boosting EP sales.
Now, after many shows in the Northeast, another EP, and a major label showcase, The Dakota continues to put nothing before music. At every show fans can expect to be captivated and moved as The Dakota weaves its poetic lyrics and remarkable musical combinations into songs marked by innovation.