The Damage Done

The Damage Done


With a positive attitude centered around a rock n’ roll that is for everyone of all ages, sexes and races; the Damage Done aims to make pop music that is interesting, inspiring and most of all sincere. For fans of Jawbreaker, Against Me!, Fugazi, Polar Bear Club, Discount and Alkaline Trio.


the house show, n. 1. An art perfected by hardcore heroes of the past.
When combined with enough beer, the loudest PA possible, and a basement or living room packed with far too many sweaty, singing, dancing friends, the house show is guaranteed to provide the touring band with a great time and enough gas money to make it to the next town. In a time when the community is oversaturated with egotistical bands, all-ages venues that last six months at the most, and nation-wide conglomerate booking agencies specializing in pay-to-play shows, the house show is one of the last free and humble bastions of awesome ear-splitting rock.
Seattle’s The Damage Done will play anywhere and everywhere, bringing a house-show aura to whatever stage they find themselves on. Their ultimate goal is to put on the best performance possible whilst keeping an open dialogue between those who are watching and those who are performing. Since April of 2007, they have recorded a self-released EP at Bear Creek Studios and a full-length titled Scream All of Our Cliches. They were featured on the Basement Records compilation Wrong Side of the Trax released in 2008, as well as a digital holiday compilation released by Solidarity Records. They’ve traveled out to Wantage USA’s Total Fest two years consecutively, as well as Fast Crowd Record's Awesome Fest. No stranger to the road, this group has toured the west coast a number of time and have also embarked on shorter jaunts including dates with Polar Bear Club, The Riot Before, Off With Their Heads, and Brainworms. Whatever you wish to classify their sound as—pop, punk, hardcore, or rock n’ roll—they possess an undeniable knack for catchy hooks and infectious sing-along choruses. A perfect compliment to many styles of underground rock, the boys have shared the stage/floor/backyard with a wide variety of touring and local acts including Broadway Calls, The Measure, Bridge and Tunnel, The Copyrights, The Old Haunts, A Wilhelm Scream, The Hollowpoints, The Flatliners, Shook Ones, Glass and Ashes, Mike Park, Classics of Love, Pierced Arrows, A Static Thought, Akimbo, Star Fucking Hipsters, Git Some, M.D.C., Defiance, Grabass Charlestons and The Real Mackenzies. Favorites on KGRG 89.9 FM, the Damage Done can be heard on a daily basis on radios throughout the northwest.
A teen center in Arizona, an unsavory bar in Eugene, Oregon, the basement of a hall in Missoula, an art space in Seattle, a bookstore in Salt Lake City: all of these are places in which The Damage Done have lived their dreams and dirtied their bare feet, fracturing personal relationships and wearing down touring vessels. They’ve spent countless hours writing poetry on napkins and songs in Walmart parking lots. Why do they do this? For the love of the music, and the adventure of it all!
If you are interested in this group of gentlemen, give Scream All of Our Cliches a spin, or better yet, come out to a show! They should be coming through your town soon and you will not be disappointed. If you bring some friends and beers down to the basement, they’ll provide the entertainment!



Written By: Ryan Koreski

Hey Buddy got a light? 'Cause I'm burnin' this place down!
As soon as I work up the live without a paycheck.
Whatever you do, just don't shake my hand. The dirt beneath my nails and fire in my eyes, is the difference between you and I.
But $MONEY$ don't mean shit, unless you ain't got none.
Dress me up.
Shut my mouth.
You still think I'm scum.
Spending my days alone in the basement.
The boss has clocked out long ago, but if he gets bored, he can watch surveillance tapes at home.
Will somebody please find me an open window? No, not to jump to my death but to take it all in. Feel the city's chilly breath.
But pariah-wage work will never be done.
You dressed me up and shut my mouth, but you still think I'm scum.

Teen Bop Hit Factory

Written By: Ryan Koreski

Trap myself between two chords.
A sound that's been explored.
...but A melody about A kind of love
I've never felt before.
It seems this line I've crossed
between communication and annoyance.
...just a reason to beat myself up
brought on by fear of loss.
In LESS than an instant-
I've Pulled Too Hard
Swing you right around and thrown you the other way.
Last thing I ever wanted to do.
Seems you're the only one who cares what I have to say.
I never use much metaphor...
In love songs
Unable to sit and write long-poetic prose, comparing you to the sunrise.
Or the long awaited dawn.
Can't wrap my head around my heart.
Long enough, to complete a thought.
But the love I have for you is just as awe any classic poem or famous work of art.
But I can't put this into words, try as I might.
Put this into words! I DARE you!


Tusken Hater - EP
Self released 2007 on Two-0-Sickness records
The Wrong Side of the Trax - Compilation
released 2008 on Basement Records
Scream All of Our Cliches- CD/LP
released 2009 on Better Half Records

Set List

1)Tour De Force
2)Quantum Leap
3)The Last Song About The Man
5)Fixed Gears and Earth Tones
6)Spaghetti Western (first blood, part II-The Revenge)
8)The Fox & The Hound
9)the sky is REALLY heavy
10)Teen Bop-Hit Factory
11) All the People in the Place to Be (don't Care)