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The Damnedest Thing

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Winter 2013



Kevin Abernathy started playing drums in 5th grade and escalated thru the drum line over the next few years finally finding the quads and quints as his love.
By the age of 15 Kevin was behind a full 'rocker set' while soaking in all of the technical aspects the drum line could teach and more. While still in high school Kevin was invited overseas in a nationally respected drum line. After High School, Kevin continued progression of his skills and was able to drive many bands' rhythm sections, therefore earning him recognition as a brutally powerful, yet controlled drummer.

Kevin Jones was born into a family of musicians and picked up the guitar at an early age. After honing his skills on a bunch of Skynyrd and Floyd he developed his rhythm/lead style. He started in several outfits but found a liking to rock, the harder the better.
He spent the nineties in several reincarnations of the same core group of very talented friends. Kevin J. was introduced to Jon and Kevin A. through a friend and a niche was found. That's pretty much where the bass player was brought out of him. "I like the cut of their jibs," he said.
After playing for so long and in so many places from NC all the way to New England, the feel and experience of good rock comes out in his smooth delivery.

Jon Ketcham first picked up a bass guitar at the age of 7, though he didn't play it seriously until after he escaped from playing the trumpet at age 14.
By the age of 17, Jon was performing on stage regulary.
After performing and composing music for many years, Jon aquired a reputation for being an aggressive and stage shaking bass player.
Jon eventually started teaching bass guitar at a local music school before moving onto the Audio Production fields he currently practices.

Paul Dreyfus got his first guitar for Christmas 1977 and immediately locked himself in his bedroom and started to learn by ear to Deep Purple and KISS songs.
His first stage experience was at a Battle of the Bands in his hometown, Bogota, NJ. This band went on to form Legacy, which reformed into Kaoz as they started playing harder, more energetic rock.
After Kaoz... Paul, his cousin and another guitar player formed Mystery and kept this band going thru a few name and personnel changes for over 10 years having success in the northeast US region before moving to NC.

Adam Wade Mayo has been singing for over 25 years, Adam learned early what it meant to write music that was from the soul.
At the age of 8 he began singing in choir. At 14 he was coaxed to hang at a friends house to sing along to 'Living after Midnight' and from there a love with Rock of all genres evolved.
So to began a tumultuous ride of learning what the music business is all about, and of portraying with conviction the essence of soulful music. So now at the last with 'The Damnedest Thing', he stands ready to convey the message to whomever will just stop...And listen.

Jon Ketcham and Kevin Abernathy have been rhythm section partners since 1989, Kevin on Drums and Jon on Bass... 'Ez Pieces', 'Graphic Nature', 'Snag', 'Gutterfly' and 'Out of the Attic' are a few of their combined projects over the past 21 years.
After playing with over 30 guitar players in multiple bands as a pair during this time, Jon decided in 2004 he'd start playing guitar so the pair could continue to write music and record without an official guitar player or 'band'. Although this was fun and the pair wrote many songs together, there was no way for Jon to play both the guitar and bass at the same time outside a recording studio and they both craved their true home, the stage, badly by now. They started jamming with a friend on lead guitar and his buddy, Kevin Jones on bass in hopes to form the next project.
The lead guitar player, though still a great friend, just didn't mesh styles with the rest of us, so we parted ways and re-focused our rythym orientation.
This was the original forming of The Damnedest Thing.

In case you didn't notice, Jon Ketcham started his career playing Bass and Kevin Jones started his as a Guitar player. These roles have been changed in The Damnedest Thing allowing the band a seriously rythym oriented songwriting capability and the ability to flip beats and time signatures at will as each string player is well versed in the opposite instrument and can hear what the other is going to play before they do.

After many guitar player auditions, in April 2009 Paul Dreyfus walked thru the door and soon joined the band to fill out the dual-guitar sound the band craved.

Finally, Adam Wade Mayo joined us in September 2012 to complete the sound and emotion of The Damnedest Thing matching the drive and power of the rest of the band.
Kevin Abernathy started playing drums in 5th grade and escalated thru the drum line over the next few years finally finding the quads and quints as his love.
By the age of 15 Kevin was behind a full 'rocker set' while soaking in all of the technical