The Dana Gaynor Band

The Dana Gaynor Band


Infectious melodies, cool instrumentals and tasty vocals in a jam band format.


The Dana Gaynor Band (DGB) by internationally acclaimed guitarist, songwriter, producer Dana Gaynor. She began her career playing with a number of music greats from classic rock including Keith and Donna Godcheaux (Grateful Dead), John Cipollina (Quicksilver Messenger Service), Bobby Rondinelli (Black Sabbath / Blue Oyster Cult), Buddy Cage (New Riders of the Purple Sage), Buddy Miles; Blues artists like Tommy Castro, Buddy Guy, Don Preston, John Lee Hooker, and many more.
Gaynor started Euphoric Rebel Records in 2008 and has just released her new album "The Infamous Dr. D." Band members have played with Gaynor on a number of current projects for Euphoric Rebel house band including "Heaven's House Band" to be released in 2009.


The Infamous Dr. D. - Euphoric Rebel Records 2008
Vampires of Mars - Outcast records 2004
Notorious Groove - Outcast Records 2006
A number of songs from these albums are getting Airplay and streaming.

Set List

Sets are typically 1 - 1 1/2 hours long. We' typically do 1 when opening or two when headlining. Playing time is therefore between 1 and three hours depending on gig. Songs are mostly original with some covers.

Set one for "Infamous Dr. D." tour -
A foggy night with Russell
Big Buddy
Money City
Cayman Review
Down on South Central
Hook it up
I remember John
The Philly Stroke
Big Baboon
Shadows in the Rain
Run for the money
You oughta know